Healthy Juice Recipes

Delicious Juices with Plenty of Health Benefits

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A state of optimal health is possible through various factors, namely healthy nutrition, physical exercising, rest, and emotional wellbeing. Apart from nutritious solid foods, keeping your body hydrated plays a quintessential role in preserving your health, and juices aim at […]

3 Acid Juices That Your Body Greatly Needs

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Most of the time, the term “acidic juices” can be misleading, often being associated with the fizzy drinks seen on the market. However, it can also be related to something healthy. One example are natural acidic juices which, used in […]

Flush out All the Toxins with this Simple Juice

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Everywhere you look today, you will get to see thousands of recipes that promise to detoxify the body and flush out toxins. Because the number of these solutions is so large, one could feel confused, if not overwhelmed by it. […]

Natural 7-Day Detox Drink

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Our body needs a powerful detoxification from time to time in order to maintain it on the right track. The toxins that we accumulate from food, alcohol, smoking or even the white nights that we are having will affect our body […]

New Raw Recipe for the Hot Summer Days

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The summer days can become a torture if we don’t know how to fight against the heat and we don’t want that, do we? Let’s enjoy the beauty of the summer with a new raw recipe which will change the […]

4 Natural Recipes Designed for Pain Relief

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When dealing with a health problem, it is always a good idea to turn to natural treatments, instead of automatically resorting to chemical substances that can have adverse effects. A great deal of natural remedies can be found in different […]

Strengthen Your Heart and Memory with This Fresh, Sweet Beverage

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An interesting study, recently published in the Evidence-Based Complementary Journal and Alternative Medicine, confirms that a slight adjust in the eating habits could lead to memory improvement in adults and elders. This study was conducted on 32 people accusing memory disturbances. […]