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DIY Ginger Powder for Various Conditions

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Ginger is one of the most overlooked plants when it comes to treating affections. It’s a shame, really, because ginger tea can combat many unpleasant conditions, like digestive problems, pains in the joints, nausea, headaches and the list goes on. […]

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    Prepare Your Own Anti-Acne Face Mask at Home

    Natural remedies can soothe and reduce the inflammation caused by acne, as well as fight bacteria and infections. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties found in certain ingredients will help clear your complexion and prevent the apparition of excess sebum. By […]

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Gouda and Its Many Health Benefits

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Gouda cheese is one of the most exported dairy products by the Netherlands and is actually from a city also called the Netherlands. It is said that the history of cheese making dates back to 2000 years ago and that […]

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    10 Foods that Will Alkalize Your Body and Make it Stronger

    A well-balanced pH level is essential for a healthy organism and in order to maintain it, the body needs to produce alkaline minerals like phosphorous, calcium and magnesium. These are released by adding acid-forming foods to our diet and thus, […]

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    Stay Healthy by Taking Iron From Your Foods

    Sometimes, the absence of a particular substance in your blood may be hard to discover. At the same time, it’s not that easy to bring it up again. This can occur even if you try to take care of what […]

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Learn to Fight Chronic Fatigue With Home Remedies

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With the fast-paced lifestyle that is so common in our modern times, it is no wonder that chronic fatigue has become a significant problem. Having to deal with the seemingly endless stress of daily life can leave its toll on […]

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    Here Is How Noni Fruit Can Improve Your Health

    While noni fruit is mainly used in Southeast Asia and Australia in its raw or cooked form, finding it in juice form should not be difficult if you visit some health food stores. Its incredible benefits cover a wide range […]

  • asthma-plant-remedies

    Asthma Plant: 10 Medicinal Purposes

    Some of the many names of Euphorbia Hirta are chara, pill pod sandman, garden splurge or the Asthma plant. Although it is an Indian weed, nowadays, it can be found in many areas due to the continuously warm weather. This […]

Herbal Tea


Change Your Mood With The Right Teas!

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Have you ever felt so sluggish in the morning that you wanted something to give you a kick to your brain? Or maybe you felt agitated after a busy day and you wanted to cool down your brain so that […]