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  • How to Use Sea Salt as Treatment For Acne

    Acne is something all of us battled with at some point in our lives, especially during our teenage years. It is generated by too much oil in the pores of the skin, making them the perfect environment for bacteria to […]

  • 5 Natural Rosehip Remedies for the Cold Season

    The fruit of this plant is the most nutritious part of it. The right time for picking it is after the flowers fall off. The color may vary from red to purple and sometimes even black. Due to their excellent […]

Healthy Eating


Food Colors and Their Significance

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Mother Nature doesn’t inform us regarding the benefits linked to eating one food or another. Distinct from medications or products you may find at the supermarket that outline even the most insignificant of ingredients, veggies, and fruits leave us in […]

Natural Remedies


Purple Rice and Its Exceptional Health Benefits

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Purple rice stands out from all the other types of rice thanks to its massive nutritional powers and the health benefits that stem out of them. It contains a wide array of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids and it […]

  • Top 7 Natural Oils For a Magnificent Hair

    Chances are your hair is your most treasured possession, but all those care products you’ve bought seem to be anything but helpful in keeping it robust. Taking care of it never seemed harder, given that all the products contain damaging […]

  • Natural Remedies for Stomach Spasms

    An upset or tense stomach can have multiple causes, from viruses to constipation or stomach bugs. Our body is intertwined with our brain, so it’s even possible for stress to be the leading factor of abdominal discomfort. Usually, the stomach reacts […]

Herbal Tea


Change Your Mood With The Right Teas!

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Have you ever felt so sluggish in the morning that you wanted something to give you a kick to your brain? Or maybe you felt agitated after a busy day and you wanted to cool down your brain so that […]