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How to Treat Oily Skin Naturally

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Oily skin is a common problem that extends past an unpleasant look. It can ruin confidence by leading to other skin conditions in the form of acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. The condition is caused by an excess of sebum […]

Healthy Eating


15 Almonds per Day Can Keep the Doctor Away

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People see almonds as a health source, but do we know exactly what they can do for our health? Being rich in many nutrients that aren’t found in the average diet, almonds can be as tasty as they are a […]

  • foods-for-immunity

    Foods That Can Help Your Immune System Fight Off Infections

    Our immune system helps us fight against infections, germs, and even cancer. There are times when it will not function properly, such as immunodeficiency disorders. People who suffer from these disorders are prone to developing all kinds of infections. The […]

Natural Remedies


Caprylic Acid and Its Impressive Benefits

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Caprylic acid is a highly beneficial fatty acid that can be found in coconut and palm oil, as well as numerous dairy products. It is especially useful in fighting fungal and yeast infections: sufferers often begin bringing foods or supplements […]

  • increase-glutathione-naturally

    Increase Glutathione Levels the Natural Way

    A lot of people are more than willing to do whatever they can to enhance their glutathione levels, due to the numerous health benefits linked to it. It is also said to be the best antioxidant. Having a strong immune system, boosted […]

  • pineapple-and-lemon-for-ph-levels

    Pineapple and Lemon Regulate Your Body’s pH

    Did you ever acknowledge the importance of the body’s pH level for your overall health? It is thought that a solution that has a lower level of pH than 7 is acidic. At the same time, alkaline solutions have a […]

Herbal Tea

rosemary for head colds

Use Rosemary to Treat Your Head Cold

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Rosemary is a commonly met, flavorful herb we use to improve the taste of our dishes. However, besides making our dishes taste more delicious, this herb can help you to get rid of a head cold. You may use it […]

  • chamomile tea benefits

    Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

    For hundreds of years, people have been using chamomile tea for its relaxing properties and delicious flavor. Chamomile has many health benefits, being one of the most documented medicinal plants in the world. Chamomile has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties being […]