Strengthen Your Heart and Memory with This Fresh, Sweet Beverage

An interesting study, recently published in the Evidence-Based Complementary Journal and Alternative Medicine, confirms that a slight adjust in the eating habits could lead to memory improvement in adults and elders.

This study was conducted on 32 people accusing memory disturbances. These were randomly divided between two groups: one drank 8 ounces (approximately 220 ml) of pomegranate juice and the other group was given a placebo sweetened beverage. The study lasted 4 weeks. The subjects took memory tests, submitted to MRI tests (magnetic resonance imagining) and blood tests for peripheral biomarkers, before and after the study.

After the 4 weeks assigned to this study, only the group which drank pomegranate juice showed a noticeable improvement in verbal memory tests scores and in plasma levels of antioxidants.

Comparatively speaking, pomegranate juice increased the RMI activity as well. This matter indicates that this juice determines the growth of blood flow in brain areas associated with fulfilling different tasks.

pomegranate juice for memory

This is not the first study conducted to prove the many benefits that pomegranate juice has on the brain. Numerous researches guided on laboratory animals established that pomegranate juice has neuroprotective effects against aluminum, neurotoxicity and stroke.

The consumption of pomegranate juice could suppress the growth of pathologic plaque and the supra-excitation of the microglial cells, affiliated with Alzheimer diseases.

Pomegranate is likewise a fruit gifted with the natural capacity of unclogging the arteries and strengthening the entire cardiovascular system. This affair is important especially regarding the health of the brain and the so called the “vascular dementia”.

Pomegranate has multiple benefits for female users

Connected with immortality and regeneration, pomegranate can prevent some modifications linked to the depletion of ovarian function. Besides having regenerative functions, pomegranate also has fertility properties. This fruit keeps playing a central role in scientific researches as a natural therapeutic fruit.

Here are a few benefits it provides:

  • Ameliorates pregnancy and birth – consumption of pomegranate juice is linked to the decrease of oxidative stress inside the placenta, protecting the baby furthermore.
  • Improves heart diseases – this fruit’s juice can reduce LDL cholesterol oxidation and oxidative stress.
  • Fights against prostate cancer – it prolongs prostate doubling, as well as stamping down the proliferation.
  • Helps with weight loss – pomegranate juice contributes to weight losses.
  • Meliorates rheumatoid arthritis – pomegranate reduces oxidative stress and disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Pomegranate is a traditional fruit, filled with history and symbolism, being seen as a fruit of ambition and prosperity, but also called the fruits of the dead by Greeks. Pomegranates are known since Ancient times, being used for fertility issues. Due to its many benefits and history, pomegranate is one of the most consumed fruit of all times.

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