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LAVENDER – a fragrant remedy for IMMUNITY, NERVOUS and DIGESTIVE systems

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Lavender is more than a beautiful smelling flower. It has an impressive healing power. In traditional medicine, this herb is an efficient remedy for nerve disorders, such as anxiety, depression, panic attack, stress, insomnia and restlenssness (associated with dementia. Lavender’s […]


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With its beautiful foliage and sweet-smelling flowers, lavender is one of the most popular herbs in the world. It requires low maintenance, which makes it every gardener’s dream. Health. Growing lavender at home couldn’t be easier as this plant requires very […]

Purify BLOOD and treat LIVER with NETTLE and LEMON

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Consuming seasonal foods can bring us many health benefits, especially during spring time when nature has plenty of fresh green leafs full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to offer for free. We can call it „the season of liver and […]

4 Effective Herbs for Parasite Infestation

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Did you know that one in three Americans suffers from parasite infestation? Even though statistics may freak you out, you should be aware that you can also get rid of the parasites in your digestive system in several natural ways, […]

How to Stop Hay Fever with Herbal Remedies

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Flowers, weeds, and trees release pollen which ends up in your nose and throat triggering those annoying allergies, known as hay fever or allergic retinitis. Almost 25% of the population is affected by hay fever and the symptoms of this […]

Keep Your Pancreas Healthy with These 5 Plants

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Two of the most important roles of the pancreas are producing the enzymes needed for digesting proteins and fat and producing the insulin needed to control the glucose levels in your blood. Diabetes, pancreatitis, and cancer are the diseases that […]