Delicious Juices with Plenty of Health Benefits

A state of optimal health is possible through various factors, namely healthy nutrition, physical exercising, rest, and emotional wellbeing. Apart from nutritious solid foods, keeping your body hydrated plays a quintessential role in preserving your health, and juices aim at hydrating the body while nourishing it. That brings us to the question: which are the best juices you should administer for promoting an excellent health condition?

natural juices for your health

Vegetables contain significant levels of fiber

According to Web MD, it’s highly recommended to drink as many vegetable juices as possible. For example, tomato juice encompasses lycopene, which is a compound that contributes to reducing the risks of prostate cancer. In addition, beets juice is excellent at regulating blood pressure. Since the pulp of the greater majority of veggies contains fiber, detrimental toxins are eliminated, and the right functioning of the digestive system is promoted. Hence, such juices can prevent constipation.

Additionally, vegetable juices contain lower levels of sugar, compared to fruit juices, meaning that the intake of calories is significantly lower. Experts advise us to opt for veggies low in sodium, as high intake of salt imminently leads to water retention, which causes an excess of weight.

Opting for the right juice combinations

Furthermore, combining the right vegetables and fruits in preparing juices is equally important for one’s health. In fact, when you use the right combinations, the health benefits are unparalleled. For instance, some juice combos contribute to removing crud from the tissues and blood. That further results in a handful of additional benefits, such as an increased energy level, and a reinvigorated skin.

  • For instance, cucumber juice works as an excellent skin booster, since it contains more than 90 percent water, and it is featured by unequalled cooling and hydrating effects. In this respect, cucumber is also an excellent source of magnesium and potassium, which aim at improving the aspect of the skin, making it beautiful and radiant. Specialists recommend combining cucumbers with apples.
  • If you wish to boost your skin’s appeal, you can opt for another magic combination, comprised of aloe vera, blueberries, and strawberries. Certain juices contain high levels of powerful antioxidants, which fight the imminent aspects of aging, and come with a range of health conditions. Another suggestion is the following: combine a cup of blueberries, a half cup of strawberries, a large kale leaf, half a beet, and water, milk, or aloe vera, and you’ve obtained an excellent youth elixir.
  • Fruit juices can also replace particular vitamin supplements. For instance, cherries, apples, and pears can be juiced using either a juicer or a blender, as this fruit trio is known to be loaded with lutein, vitamin E, A, B, and C. Lutein and Vitamin A enhance a person’s eyesight. Vitamin B has the ability to boost the functions of the immune system, while vitamin C is widely known for strengthening the body’s immune system, defending the body against illnesses.

Apart from implementing a broad range of healthy juices in one’s diet, it’s recommended to promote healthy nutrition, and engage in physical exercise.

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