Baking Soda Cancer Cure – Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s Controversial Recipe

The seductive idea that cancer can be completely erased with baking soda belongs to an italian doctor named Tullio Simoncini, whose reputation has been highly controversial all along. According to Simoncini, the real cause of cancer is a fungus: Candida albicanis. Based on his bombastic hypothesis, this fungus can be countered with sodium bicarbonate, which is known as a powerful antifungal.

Baking Soda Cancer Cure – Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s Controversial Recipe

Baking Soda Cancer Cure – Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s Controversial Recipe

Tullio Simoncini – A real healer or a big crook?

Scientific researchers argues that sodium bicarbonate cancer cure is a pseudo-medical therapy rather absurd than worthy of any consideration. Tullio Simoncini was convicted of fraud in three cases of marketing anti-cancer medical treatments scientifically unfounded and manslaughter in year 2003, after the death of a patient treated with sodium bicarbonate by Simoncini’s baking soda recipe.

Tullio Simoncini’s theory

Tullio Simoncini claims that cancer is nothing more than a fungus, an infection caused by excessive acidity in the body. However, his theories are not consistent with the educational background of modern conventional medicine. There is no scientific evidence to support his hypothesis. Actually none of his so claimed studies were to be found anywhere on his website. Moreover, Simoncini can not prove that in all cancer patients cured with baking soda it was really cancer.

Baking soda cure for cancer – Myth or truth?

Baking soda is one of the most popular foods, found in all homes, used since ancient times to treat gastric acidity. However, baking soda has never been registered cancer drug but is used succesfully to combat acidosis in ICU.

Simoncini has his own methods of using sodium bicarbonate to “wash“ the tumors with a catheter. After he was convincted and banned from is medical practice in Italy, Simoncini deserted in the Netherlands, where his baking soda cure became famous. He finds his cancer “clients” on the Internet, although his name is blasphemed by italians on all websites and blogs. Italian journalists who managed to film him with a hidden camera revealed that a therapy with sodium bicarbonate at his private clinics costs around 20,000 Euro – an exorbitant amount for such a cheap ingredient.

Scientific details about baking soda and cancer

Baking Soda Cancer Cure – Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s Controversial Recipe

Baking Soda Cancer Cure – Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s Controversial Recipe

Current clinical and scientific evidence contests Dr. Tullio Simoncini’s theory saying “any cancerous tumor assumes a common fungus called candida albicans”. Moreover, researchers contradict the hypothesis that sodium bicarbonate works as a treatment for all forms of cancer.

Dr. Simoncini believes that all tumors contain fungus. But none of them have been found at biopsy. Test animals have been exposed to Candida albicans and no evidence was found that this exposure could cause cancer.

Baking soda can cause health issues and even death

The contrary, studies have shown that sodium bicarbonate administered in high doses can cause serious health problems or even death.

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Simoncini’s “healed” patients

Although he has banned from practicing any more medical services, Simoncini went on to promote his miraculous cancer cure in many other countries. We can see him on various TV stations invited as a guest of honor presenting certain fake videos (experts say) where tumors are practically washed with baking soda.

All testimonies about Simonicin’s healings are paid. All claims on his official website are totally incoherent. They are contradictory and have not scientific support.

Many people seeking salvation from their awful disease in Simoncini’s cancer cure remain totally disappointed of what they find when they knock at his door: a very expensive treatment that involves travels to other countries (where Simoncini is not known or chased by authorities), plus other big costs they need to cover and Simonicin’s cold response that can not guarantee their healing.

Simoncini was sued by the families of many victims treated with sodium bicarbonate. His brother, Angelo Simoncini (also a doctor), was charged and convicted for fraud himself, and his name was erased from the list of accredited doctors in Italy.

Simoncini ‘s victims – Real cases

The first victim of the italian doctor was Massimo Civetta, a 34 year old man diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. Atfer an infusion with sodium bicarbonate, his intestines were perforated and he died. Simoncini was sentenced to three years of prison for begligent manslaughter.

Another victim, a U.S. citizen was diagnosed with glioblastoma (a malignant intracranial tumor). His family spent 28,000 euros for Simoncini’s treatment. During the treatment, the patient developed a massive brain hemorrhage and suffered a heart attack.

Trachsler Sylvia, a woman with breast cancer died of cardiac failure on October 8, 2007, after received a daily infusion of sodium bicarbonate.

Bouwman, a young Dutch woman of 25 years diagnosed with ovarian cancer refused conventional therapy and decided to go with Simoncini ‘s treatment instead. After several injections of sodium bicarbonate, Simoncini said she was completely healed. A few months later, the woman found out that Simoncini lied and her cancer was still there. By that time, the tumor had already reached the metastatic tumor. She died on November 2, 2008.

Brian William Haw from U.S also died of lung cancer on June 18, 2011 after he spent his last months in Berlin, where he was treated with Simonicini’s baking soda and Vitamina C.

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7 commments

  1. Someone should shoot the bastard.

    He knows it does not work, that he has already killed several people, and he carries on killing people. Simoncini is a Jewish name I note. When Jews were thrown out of Spain, it is documented that Jewish satraps told the Jews who had been expelled to pretend to be Christians and thus gain reentry to Spain (and other countries from which they had been expelled).

    They were told to revenge themselves on the gentile people by becoming doctors, apothecaries and lawyers, to create chaos in Gentile society (see the vastly disproportionate number of Jewish doctors, chemists, politicians in many countries), and not to heal as doctors and apothecaries, but to secretly work to shorten the lives of the ‘goyim’ whilst pretending to heal them. This is why wars are endlessly and needlessly generated to kill as many gentiles as possible. Consider mercury and other toxic adjuvants added to vaccines to harm even unborn children quite deliberately, when colloidal silver could be added to vaccines instead quite harmlessly to keep them perfectly sterile, not that vaccines are even necessary or effective anyway.

    This is why real cancer therapies are banned and hidden away, like the Raymond Royal Rife machine that cured even 100% of even the most difficult cancers several decades ago in the USA, in even the most advanced stages, and also cured every single pathogenic disease, such as TB, polio, meningitis, cholera , typhoid etc,. This is just the same old story.

    The American (Jewish) government still has the original Raymond Royal Rife machines hidden away for use by the elite, whilst they will watch literally billions perish from cancer, and many other diseases, all over the world, with the UN predicting that in the next few years, 50% of the entire world population will get cancer (and only be offered more or less certain death by extreme torture in the form of radiotherapy and chemotherapy instead of them being offered the Rife therapy, which is completely painless and totally successful, and without even a single side effect. These same evil people assure everyone that a cure for cancer will soon be found, and milk as much money as they can out of cancer charities conned into generating even more money for the fraudulent and greedy Jewish pharmaceutical companies.

    Numerous modern day imitations of the Rife machines exist today, but I see no credible evidence that any of them actually work, as would be demonstrated very clearly by many thousands of people coming forward, even without recommending any specific manufacturer, and stating publicly how their terminal cancers had been totally cured.

    • Mothman777 you are a sick person!! I really don’t know why this site published your antisemic comment.
      It is disgusting. And you should be put in a hospital for mentals or in prison. You are a Psycho!!!

  2. You present here 5 cases that we cannot verify and we don’t have any medical reference about them. How can you die of heart failure after an “infusion of baking soda”?

    The cancer industry kills millions of people every year, after failing to cure them. Yet, you call this doctor a crook?

    Of course he is not allowed to practice medicine anymore if he promotes affordable treatments. The cancer industry has suppressed every cure in the world, for they are making $billions/year. They are the real murderers.

    There are dozens of cancer cures out there and they are known for decades, yet we still die like flies because of it. This is both depopulation and making $trillions while doing it.

    • Yes, something is definitely wrong, too many deaths, and the harm with baking soda I question only because I have a sister in law that has used it for years to help her heartburn!

  3. So many remedies yet a lot of people dying….

  4. Even if the sodium bicarbonate doesn’t work, it won’t kill you, unlike toxic chemotherapy drugs, cancer-causing radiation and the butchery known by the euphemism called ‘surgery’. They don’t tell you that they MUST use sodium bicarbonate with IV forms of chemotherapy because it will kill you quickly if they don’t protect your kidneys with the bicarb.

    So let me get this right. Harmless baking soda (as long as you don’t overdo it) is not the cure and is a big fraud. But poison masquerading as medicine is the best that modern medicine can do for treating cancer? It would be a subject of a Saturday Night Live skit if there weren’t millions of people dying from it.

    And if conventional oncology and mainstream medicine were such a big success, then why are cancer rates the highest they’ve ever been? One huge problem is that the medical industry only makes money when people are sick. So that’s why there is no huge push for prevention–only treatments for diseases. Never any cures, just endless, expensive treatments until you die. So you become a cash-cow for the medical industry and Big Pharma.

    They say they’re searching for cures and that it’s not about the money, but all we see are treatments, only to hear ‘a cure is just around the corner’, the same thing they’ve been saying for the last 70 years. When will people wake up and stop listening to the con job? Meanwhile, they’re always begging for donations, and charging people thousands of dollars per month for the privilege of being poisoned to death with poisons masquerading as medicines. And alternative cancer people are the ones that are called the quacks and wackos. Totally upside down world…

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