Bad news for the Big Pharma: BAKING SODA reduces TUMORS and METASTASES – dr. John Ionescu

Baking soda – a few dollars ingredient threatens the pharmaceutical industry. We have it already in our homes and yet know nothing about its powerful properties.

Many sources advocate that it has the ability to fight cancer. It’s considered a valuable adjuvant in cancer therapy because it has the property to raise tumor’s pH and inhibit metastases.

Baking soda cancer

The external pH of solid tumors is acidic due to the raised glucose metabolism. Cell and vitro studies have shown that acid pH stimulates tumoral cell invasion and metastases.

Arizona scientists used baking soda (NaHCO) to demonstrate if tumor acid inhibition can reduce metastases incidence.

Results on animals have shown that oral NaHCo raised selectively tumors pH and reduced spontaneous metastases growth. Baking soda also reduced hepatic metastases growth.

Proffessor John Ionescu from Neukirchen Special Clinic in Bavaria says that baking soda rivals with conventional medicine in stopping cancer evolution. Baking soda easily corrects extracellular acidosis associated with cancer growth.

Studies done in America and Europe offer crushing evidence. Dr. John Ionescu says that baking soda costs nearly nothing and it has stunning effects againts extracellular acidosis and metastases, diminishing their freqvency and intensity.

In consequence, immune system cells regain their power to attack the tumour’s periphery and significantly reduce their ability to spread in the body.

Tumour’s acidity raises malignant cells capacity to spread, as well as cancer’s aggressivity. Extracellular acidosis nearly paralyses immune cells, leading to tumour enlargement. Moreover, acidity makes cancerous cells more resistant to chemotherapeutic drugs that are slightly basic.


Baking soda should not be considered a cancer treatment on its own, but an important weapon against cancerous cells multiplication.

Besides baking soda administration, cancer pacients also need to limit their glucidic/carbohydrate intake, since it feeds malignant cells.

To prevent glucose entering the cancerous cell, doctors need to prescribe cancer patients a hypocaloric and ketogenic diet three days before and after chemotherapy. Thus, tumoral cell is devoid of its main source of food becoming more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Seek for a baking soda brand that doesn’t contain aluminium. Be aware that high doses of baking soda can cause problems, so ask for a doctor’s advice.



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