Baking Soda and Lemon Juice for Cancer – A Dangerous Myth

A trivial ingredient, used successfully against stomach acidity, baking soda has been promoted during the last few years across several medical sites as a miraculous solution for treating cancer. Although presented as a miraculous cure, sodium bicarbonate not only does not stop the disease, but accelerates its evolution, scientists say.

 Baking soda – The simplest cure for cancer
Baking Soda and Lemon Juice for Cancer - A Dangerous Myth

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice for Cancer – A Dangerous Myth

Despite the fact that there are no valid studies on this subject, the treatment is promoted all over the Internet as an effective alternative to painful chemotherapy and conventional cancer medicine. However, U.S. and Netherlands authorities warn that the effects of sodium bicarbonate on a cancer patient can be fatal.

This hypothesis was launched by an italian oncologist doctor named Tullio Simoncini . He argues that all known forms of cancer are caused by the emergence in the human body of a fungus: candida albicans. The idea that cancer can be treated so cheap and easy quickly attracted worldwide attention.

Initially, Dr. Simoncini said that there is an important connection between fungal infections and cancer extension. He realized that the tumor can be practicaly washed with sodium bicarbonate (which is anti-fungal). According to his theory, within a few days of treatment, tumor is completely gone.

Baking soda is administered orally, intravenously, or in an artery supplying blood to the tumor. Sometimes it is administered directly into the lungs through the trachea, when cancer has affected these organs.

Around eight million people die of cancer every year worldwide and research has shown that by 2030 the number will reach 12 million deaths annually. To curb this growth, Dr. Simoncini presented his treatment as a hope in curing cancer and exposed on his website the testimonials of the many patients he had helped to heal.

Many of them gave up painful chemotherapy or surgery and followed the completely invasive and non-painful treatment of Simoncini. A few months later, test results had changed for the better. Dr. Simoncini’s experiments shows that 99% of breast cancers can heal in six days, using only a catheter to wash the tumor with a sodium bicarbonate solution.

Tulio Simoncini convicted of wrongful death and fraud

Medical studies in U.S. and Netherlands have shown that baking soda administration in cancer patients can have harmful effects rather than healing effects. Moreover, a serious debate on this issue started in 2007, when a 50-year-old woman suffering from breast cancer has been brought to the hospital in Amsterdam and died after a few days. It turned out that Simoncini had treated her with baking soda injections and infusions.

Baking soda infusion is dangerous and ineffective

Prosecutors and Dutch Health Inspectorate started investigating this case. Later, the clinic where treatments took place has stopped the proceedings as the experts have found a direct link between the woman’s death and the use of baking soda. Health Dutch Inspectorate issued a public warning stating that baking soda infusion administrated to vulnerable patients is dangerous and ineffective.

Moreover, the treatment has higher risks for patients with cancer, high blood pressure or heart, lung and kidney disease. Body balance can be completely upset when large amounts of sodium bicarbonate are given, which in seriously ill patients can lead to organ damage.

Dutch journalists found that Dr. Tullio Simoncini had no right to practice in Italy.  His right to practice was taken in 2003, and in 2006 he was convicted by an Italian judge for wrongful death, manslaughter and fraud.

Simoncini finds his customers and patients through the internet. Journalists of Italian RAI television (transmission striscia la notizia) were able to film Simoncini with a hidden camera, showing how he treated cancer patients with sodium bicarbonate without adding the Italian VAT tax. A sodium bicarbonate therapy amounted to 7.750 Euro, and a room in his private clinic costs 3.700 Euro.

His method was also popular in the Netherlands, where he fled after his conviction in Italy.

Cancer baking soda treatment not validated by scientific research

Dr. Simoncini maintains that all tumors contain fungus. But these fungi could not be found at biopsy. There is no study in scientific publications demonstrating that candida albicans and cancer were found in experimental animals. And there is no evidence that baking soda can treat fungal infections.  Sodium bicarbonate can be found in many households as baking powder and is a cheap substance. Sodium bicarbonate is not a registered cancer drug, and is only used in intensive care to combat acidosis.

Many doctors draw attention towards the dangers of this therapy. Simoncini claims that the tumor will decrease and disappear completely in half of the patients treated, but offers no proof and never published scientific data in this regard.


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  1. Well, chemo certainly does NOT cure cancer, that is just a total money making racket for doctors!! It has a 3% cure rate!!!! The body is not meant to be pumped full of poisons that kill the immune system, how on earth can your body fight disease and recover without an immune system?? Keeping the body in an alkaline state is a way to control cancer, an acidic system (caused by the rubbish in foods) is what causes cancer! So treat the cause and not the symptom!!”

    • OMG!!! Chemo does not cure cancer? Really!? Please tell that to all parents to children who have survived leukemia. 40 years ago, when there were no effective chemotherapies, 10 out of 10 kids died. Today 9 out of 10 survive. Tell me again that chemo does not cure cancer.

    • I totally agree

  2. Now who on earth believes this nonsense? IF it was true, all cancer research would be stopped and lemon trees would be planted in masses. Then it’s kiwi fruit, then it’s strawberries, always some kind of natural ingredient that “cures” cancer. Show me the scientific proof done at a reputable university, then I will believe it. Please don’t let terminally ill or any cancer patients do this, they need expert help. This article states that this is so not true…

  3. No one is asking you to believe something outrageous. If you knew what a sham the pharmaceutical industry and for that matter the entire medical industrial complex is, you wouldn’t find this so strange. People who declares, like Marietjie Mare does, “cancer research would be stopped and lemon trees would be planted in masses.” are obviously still stuck in the mindset that “mainstream medicine would NEVER lie to me!” wakey wakey Marietjie! (no one get’s rich from healthy patients and if you do your homework you’ll find out that every successful cure for cancer has been suppressed so far and the doctors that developed them, persecuted insanely!) People are so gullible, honestly!

  4. Lemon is not a cure but Chemo cure you? I want to hear what this so call “scientists” talk about Chemo.

    Yep, quiet and endorsed it as cure. I say go to hell with the scientists and urge them to work for science not money.

  5. This article does not cite ANY scientific studies… But this one does…
    “Lemon and baking soda miraculous combination”
    Maybe if the one saying chemo (adding more toxins to your body) is a better idea than using something that is picked off a tree (lemons) had some kind of study to reference to back up their claims, this would be a relevant article.
    Since there’s not, maybe it was written by someone paid by a drug company… Maybe not.. You decide.

  6. I live in the UK where medical treatment is free and it is costing the NHS billions of pounds a year.
    My question is if there is such a cheap alternative to cure cancer then why is it not being used thus saving the national health service millions of pounds in expensive chemo drugs.
    I would like to believe that this is a miracle cure but I am a little sceptical.

    • Richard, you’re still living in la-la land. Wake Up.

      The ultra rich and upper class have had a death grip on the medical industry, ‘news’ outlets and western governments for that matter for, well, the beginning of civilization buddy. Its a simple sham. Global corporations develop food full of harmful unnatural chemicals (preservatives, coloring, texturing, flavoring chemicals). They lobby the governments and educational institutions to avoid nutritional programs for doctors, and the pharmaceutical companies literally write the rules and academia of doctorate programs and teach how to administer drugs and perform operations. They teach doctors in depth about the body and it’s interaction with disease. They do not teach HEALTH. Therefore, you have an uninformed public eating complete garbage, getting sick, and going to the hospitals for TREATMENT not cure. And the doctors have absolutely little clue about the role nutrition plays on the body. The science is now coming out in masse from the studies being done in educational institutions around the world, and it will not hit the doctors hands because doctors are bound by the industries that keep disease going.

      Thanks to all this and many other things going on in society, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and sicker, the economy slags behind, and people are drugged up and malleable subjects.

      Eugenics is the proper descriptor.

      You’re welcome for the debriefing about the reality of the planet you live on.

  7. Glenn Bennett

    Go to the’ Truth about Cancer’ website…these guys are dispelling the ‘quackery’ and absurdness around the current medical establishments treatment in the bucket loads…They surveyed a lot of Oncologists and 82% said they wouldn’t put chemotherapy into their own bodies, and definitely not into their children’s or spouses. It’s far too toxic. On every bag of Chemo is the warning ” This causes cancer’… does radiation and surgery to some degree, increases the spread of the disease. The medical establishment has some serious ‘waking-up’ to do but because it is a multi billion dollar business and many people are very reliant on the jobs it provides…progress won’t be very fast.

  8. So many things can help, including meditation and facing one’s issues.
    Its for each person to decide for or against invasive treatments. Who knows, maybe some dose of the ‘bad’ substance wakes the body into action and makes the person take their life to the fullest potential.

  9. Let’s look at this from a logical point of view. I’m not saying which side is accurate because I’m not a molecular scientist. But I do know this: fact – cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated state. Raising the body’s alkaline above 7.3 will in fact put your body in an oxygenated state. I personally raised my body’s alkaline from 5.5 to 7.0 in only 6 hours by drinking one 6 ounce glass of water with a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. I did this because I wanted to test the waters myself before telling my sister (and possibly getting her hopes up) who has stage 4 appendiceal cancer and 5 bouts of CHEMO have proven futile. I encourage anyone interested to try it – but first make sure with your doctor that you do not have any particular illness that could possibly be harmed by raising your alkalinity. I assure you it will indeed raise your body’s alkalinity.

    You can decipher this for yourself. Question – why are there no real studies proving this concoction to be true? Common sense says because there is no pharmaceutical company in the world who is going to fund a study that could potentially KILL their MONSTER stream of income. And there is no government on earth that is going to fund a study that if proven to be true will put many countries into a terrible financial tailspin creating the worst recession in history. CANCER is BIG, BIG, BIG business. THIS FACT CANNOT BE DENIED!!!

    Also, think about what happened with Simoncini. Hundreds of people testify that he helped them rid themselves of the disease and only 1 person died using his treatment for which he was prosecuted. Now ask yourself, how many oncologists have been prosecuted when people die from their CHEMO cocktails? Why is that? Studies indicate the average cancer chemo treatment in the U.S. runs in the neighborhood of $250,000. The average glass of lemon water with sodium bicarbonate runs less than $1.

    You be the judge.

  10. simonthescribe

    The cancer research industry has a vested interest in not finding treatments for cancer that are cheap and widely available – that is why there is no research on effects of acidosis and lemon/bicarb’s effect on this, cannabis treatments, herbal or even dietary treatments. Industry is about making money and this is the prime motivation for research.

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