How Baking Soda and Lemon are the Ultimate Combo

Lemon juice and baking soda have been a trend going on the Internet for a while now. This combination has helped many people around the world through its different uses. But did you know that the combination between baking soda and lemon is also believed to be a potential cure for cancer?

lemons and baking soda for cancer

Research says that this mixture has the ability to attack and even destroy the mutated cells caused by cancer. Experiments have been conducted to prove this theory, and ever since 1970, 20 different studies conducted in laboratories confirmed that lemon is the ingredient that destroys about 12 different types of cancer. This fact was also confirmed by one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world.

Their theory was that the citrus fruit prevents cancer by stopping the growth and the spreading of said cancerous cells. They also revealed that their study confirmed lemon is 10.000 times stronger than chemo and drugs (for example, Adriamycin).

How does lemon in combination with baking soda cure cancer?

Research shows that the citrus fruits, and especially lemons, have elements within them that prevent the growth of cancer cells. It is said that they could even cure cancer, but more research needs to be conducted to prove that. Baking soda and lemon seem to complete each other when fighting this condition. Baking soda has properties that regulate the pH values within the body and prevents the metastasizing of cancer. Lemon, on the other end, stops it from growing.

As chemotherapy can sometimes prove to be effective, it’s also very harmful because it also destroys the healthy cells along with the cancer cells. As opposed to this, lemon and baking soda do not cause any unwanted side effects but only target the cancer cells.

It is recommended that cancer patients consume about 2 teaspoons of freshly made lemon juice and half a teaspoon of baking soda. Taken before any meal or drink, they will slowly but surely stop cancer from taking over your life.

Caution: Make sure to only use organic lemons, since they are healthier. Other products found on the market can be grown using chemical fertilizers which can do more damage than good.

Not only is lemon recommended for cancer patients, but it can also be used as a means of treatment of cysts and any other tumors that can put a threat on your life.

Lemon has antimicrobial potential and treats infections

Lemon has within its components a fair amount of Vitamin C, and thus it presents a strong antibacterial power. Due to this, it had great success in treating any bacterial and fungal infections. Lemon can also be used to treat worms and internal parasites and, if used regularly, it puts the blood pressure under control. Lemons can be used as antidepressants, seeing that they help reduce stress.

Now you have seen how lemons and baking soda are an asset to have in the house. Not only do they help cure cancer, but they also help defend the immune system. Make a drink from this combination and consume it every day, and you will see the difference in time.

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