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Use Ginger Tea to Treat Your Rheumatoid Arthritis

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In most cases, ginger tea is a better choice than pills and steroids, simply because it has visible results. Widely used in traditional medicine, it is both beneficial to your health and adds flavor to your meals. Ginger has been […]

When Should You Avoid Using Ginger

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Ginger root has been used for its flavor and health potential since ancient times. It does have powerful healing properties and makes any food taste amazing. But, although ginger offers relief for many medical conditions, not anyone can use it. […]

Forget About Chemo – Try Ginger Instead!

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Ginger has been present in our lives for entire centuries and the old healers would often use it in their cures. The past years brought it back in people’s attention and scientists have discovered that it is not just a delicious and […]

Reduce Pain, Inflammation and Migraines with This Magical Ginger Ale

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Holistic medicine has attributed an important role to ginger. People have been using it for treating multiple diseases, such as pain, vomiting and nausea. Chinese people have been using this amazing plant for over 2.000 years to treat nausea, cardiovascular […]

Ginger and Chamomile for Lactose Intolerance

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Some people deal with lactose intolerance, which is the inability to digest lactose, the main type of sugar in dairy and milk products. This health problem comes with symptoms such as tummy rumbles, stomach aches, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, flatulence […]

Ginger and Turmeric – Health Bomb

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For more than 5000 years, the Chinese doctors using Ayurveda medicine have tried numerous methods to include various plants and spices in their daily diet. This way, they were looking to increase the energy levels and boost the immune system. […]

Ginger Syrup – Recipe and Benefits

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Ginger is an extremely valuable spice that should be present in every home due to its numerous healing and medicinal properties. It also has a special aroma and can be used in various ways. Ginger syrup is a light drink […]