Forget About Chemo – Try Ginger Instead!

Ginger has been present in our lives for entire centuries and the old healers would often use it in their cures. The past years brought it back in people’s attention and scientists have discovered that it is not just a delicious and perfect ingredient for our meals, but it also contains components that are able to fight cancer in a remarkable way.

ginger fights cancer

The Anti-Cancer Compounds

The gingerols, paradols and shagaols are ingredients contained by this miracle plant which have the ability to prevent cancer. Moreover, according to a series of new studies that have been performed, it was discovered that the use of ginger can kill cancer cells in ovarian, prostate and colorectal cancer, having an even more powerful impact than traditional chemotherapy.

Ginger and Cancer

The British Journal of Nutrition published a research which displayed the fact that the active ingredients in ginger not only stop the spreading of the cancer cells into the body, but they also have the ability to kill them, without affecting the healthy cells, as opposed to chemotherapy.

Angiogenesis is the term that defines the first stage of cancer. Ginger has been proved to contain anti-angiogenic properties found in its root, which can actually stop the development of cancer in the ovaries in this particular stage.

The experiments that were performed at the American Association for Cancer showed that unlike what happens in the case of chemotherapy when the ovarian cancer cells become resistant to the treatment, ginger can actually be extremely effective in the healing process of this type of cancer. It has a reduced amount of toxins, no side effects and most importantly, there is no chance of developing a drug resistance.

Ginger also prevents and kills the cells that nourish the territory for the development of the colorectal cancer cells.

Ginger and Chemotherapy

Unlike chemotherapy, the use of ginger is a natural way of preventing and killing the harmful cancer cells. It is a natural alternative that does not affect the other healthy cells of the body and which does not poison the patients.

The downside of this alternative would be the fact that further studies and experiments need to be performed to ensure its maximum efficiency. The future research made on humans is still on the table.

How to Use Ginger as a Medicine

Taking into consideration the above mentioned facts, one could reach the conclusion that a regular consumption of ginger could lead to an effective prevention of the cancer appearance.

When it comes to numbers, it is recommended to consume about 4 g of ginger per day, while the women who are pregnant should not eat more than 1 g per day.

Ginger can be combined with numerous foods out there in order to obtain a delicious and healthy meal. So, start adding some ginger to your diet and your body will thank you for that!

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