Treat Whiteheads with Baking Soda and Sugar

The closed comedones or the white heads are an acne form that appears when the skin pores are blocked with dead skin, sebum or dirt. Most of the times, they appear on the forehead, temples, cheeks and nose. Unlike the blackheads, they are yellow or white bumps that appear under the closed pores. If you suffer from excess sebum production or overactive sebaceous glands, then you are likely to have whiteheads. They are also caused by genetic factors and hormonal changes. Whiteheads can be easily eliminated with simple home remedies as you will see in the following paragraphs.

Treat Whiteheads with Baking Soda and Sugar

Baking Soda

One of the best remedies for whiteheads is the baking soda. This product will exfoliate the skin and will remove the dead skin cells, the dirt and the oil. Moreover, it balances the pH level of the skin. Mix baking soda (1 teaspoon) with water (1 teaspoon) to prepare a thick paste. Use it to apply on the whiteheads and cleanse after a couple of minutes. Repeat the remedy thrice a week to notice the results.

Sugar Scrub

Your skin can become extremely clean if you use a simple sugar scrub. It removes the excess debris and oil and exfoliates the skin. At the same time, it will not cause dryness. Mix honey and sugar (1 teaspoon of each) and massage the mixture on your face. Use circular motions and after that, let it dry for a couple of minutes. Remove the sugar with a wet washcloth and finally cleanse your face with warm water. Repeat this remedy two times a week until you see positive results.

Tea Tree Oil

In order to eliminate the whiteheads, you must reduce the oiliness and to do so, you should use a natural astringent. Furthermore, the tea tree oil has antibacterial qualities and can combat acne. Use natural tea tree oil and a cotton swab. Soak the swab in water and after that put up to 4 drops of this oil on it. Dab the affected area and leave the solution on for half an hour. Use cool water to wash it off and continue the process two times per day to see the results.


Whiteheads can also be eliminated with strawberries. These fruits have an abrasive texture and it is efficient in exfoliating the skin and unclogging the pores. The strawberries are also rich in salicylic acid, a compound that unblocks the pores. Moreover, the ellagic acid will protect against the sun damage and the ultraviolet rays. Make a paste with 3 smashed strawberries and add some honey. Use the mixture to apply on your face and massage it gently for a couple of minutes. Let it cure for 15 minutes and cleanse off with lukewarm water. Repeat the remedy for a couple of months and use it two times per week.

Lemon Juice

The lemon juice promotes the cell regeneration and it also exfoliates the skin. At the same time, it has astringent properties and it eliminates the excess oil. Squeeze the juice from one lemon and apply it on the face with a cotton ball. Let it cure for 20 minutes and then use cold water to wash it off. Repeat the remedy every day before bedtime for a few months.

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