Lemon: The Best Way to Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks have always been a problem for many women. They can initially appear as pink, purple or red marks on your skin and they will fade into thin gray or silvery white streaks over time. This condition appears most of the times in women or men that have gone through a sudden change in body size. Stretch marks are usually dermal layer tears that are caused by the stretching of the skin. While the tears may be able to heal, the collagen fibers will not be able to align properly and the result of that will be the stretch mark.

lemons for stretch marks

The reasons for getting stretch marks can be many. Pregnancy, sudden weight loss or weight gain, stress or the use of certain medication are the most common causes of stretch marks on various parts of the body.

How does lemon juice help?

Lemon juice is very effective simply because it lightens the color of the mark and speeds up the fading process that occurs naturally. The plus side to using lemons is that they do not have any side effects! The reason why lemon is so good is that, among others, it helps exfoliate the skin and removes the dead skin cells, reduces the redness with its bleaching properties, helps stimulates the collagen and promotes the re-growth of cells.

How do I use lemon to lighten the stretch marks?

There are various ways to use lemons so that you can get rid of stretch marks. You can either massage your stretch marks with fresh lemon juice or you can mix it with other ingredients, which you can then apply on the affected area and allow taking effect before washing off. Here are some examples of ingredients you can mix:

  • Lemon juice and cucumber juice
  • Lemon juice and cocoa butter
  • Almond oil with lemon juice and cocoa butter
  • Lemon juice, vitamin E oil and olive oil (you can use the two oils separately as well)
  • Lemon juice with saffron and turmeric
  • Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice
  • Lemon juice with potato juice
  • Baking Soda and lemon juice
  • Lemon juice and avocado
  • Honey and lemon juice
  • Lemon juice and turmeric powder
  • Lime juice and Oatmeal
  • Lime mixed with sugar, salt and milk (you mix the lime with the other ingredients separately, applying each at a time)

What do I need to pay attention to?

  • Pregnant women can use lemon extracts in forms of creams to prevent stretch marks.
  • Lemon juice can be rubbed directly on your stretch marks or you can add it to your body lotion.
  • It is not recommended to apply lemon juice on your skin before sunbathing or tanning.
  • Use wraps made of baking soda and lemon juice to get rid of skin imperfections.
  • Apply moisturizer on the skin to avoid dry skin.
  • If you suddenly develop stretch marks for no apparent reason, you have to consult with your doctor to determine the reason.

When faced with skin conditions such as these, it is always best to try some home remedies instead of going to the drugstore or having a surgery. This is why lemon juice will always be an option for you if you want to improve your skin condition.

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