Dandelion Roots Kill Cancer Cells – Study and Recipe

Scientists have recently discovered that the dandelion root can be an efficient alternate remedy for killing the malignant cells in cancer patients. Unlike chemotherapy, that destroys all the cells, the dandelion root will only kill the ones affected by cancer.

Dandelion Roots Kill the Cancer Cells

This plant has long been neglected, but it features numerous healthy properties. Dandelion root is a source of potassium, vitamin A, iron, calcium, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin C. Until now, people knew about dandelion that it has diuretic properties, stimulates the bile secretion, cleanses the liver, treats allergies and is a great agent for reducing high cholesterol. In China, the dandelion root has been used for centuries to treat some types of cancer.


Recent studies have demonstrated that dandelion root can have great benefits for the cancer patients. Siyaram Pandey from the Windsor University in Canada has studied the anti-cancer potential of the dandelion root for more than 2 years. To begin with, he showed that the dandelion root has forced an aggressive and resistant blood cancer cell to commit suicide. That cell was responsible for the chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Dandelion root disintegrates the cancer cells and leaves the healthy cells untouched.

After that, the researchers have discovered that a prolonged treatment including a small dose of dandelion root was extremely efficient in killing most of the cancer cells. These unexpected results have forced the researchers to continue studying this miraculous plant.

How to Use Dandelion Roots to Treat Cancer

Dandelion is a plant that grows in most of the world regions or that can be found in the healthy food stores. If you want to harvest the plant directly from the nature, you must choose a place located far from the streets and highways and that is not affected by pollution.

Folk medicine uses almost all dandelion parts for therapeutic purposes. They say that you can also consume the dandelion strains and leaves. Their proven effect is of blood purifying and liver cleansing. The dandelion root can be used to prepare tea, tincture or syrup.

To treat cancer, you must use dandelion root powder. This recipe has been successfully tested by various cancer patients. Cut the leaves under the wreath and take the roots out of the soil. Let them dry in the sun in an airy place. You can also use an incubator or a drier set to 100 degrees. If you use an incubator, the plant will dry out in 5 – 6 days. If the root crackles in your fist, then it’s ready to be converted into powder.

Crush the roots using a mortar and make the powder as fine as possible. If you use an automatic grinder, you will lose significant substances. Keep the powder in a glass with a lid, in a dry place.

Take ½ or 1 teaspoon of the powder per day. Mix it with water or vegetable or fruit juices. Make sure the juices are never warm or hot. This is a long-term treatment. After 3 weeks, you will notice that the pains will disappear and, in a few months, your health will improve greatly as the cancer cells will be destroyed.

There are persons who got rid of cancer with dandelion root tea. If you can’t prepare the powder, you can try a treatment involving dandelion root tea. This remedy might not be 100% functional for those who have been exposed to chemotherapy, but still you must give it a try.

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