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Dandelion – A Scientifically Confirmed Hepatoprotector

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Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) was traditionally used for treating stomach cramps, hence its scientific name: taraxi – agitation and akéomai – to heal (another etimology of this name is thought to be the Arabic word tarashqun – bitter herb, while the […]

Dandelion Roots Kill Cancer Cells – Study and Recipe

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Scientists have recently discovered that the dandelion root can be an efficient alternate remedy for killing the malignant cells in cancer patients. Unlike chemotherapy, that destroys all the cells, the dandelion root will only kill the ones affected by cancer. […]

Kelp and Dandelion for Goiter

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Goiter is simply known as the thyroid gland enlargement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the thyroid is not functioning properly. The goiter usually occur when there is too much or too little hormone production. These conditions are called hypothyroidism and […]

7 Top Properties of Dandelion Tea

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Tea is a healthy beverage that comes with numerous benefits for our bodies. The teas can be made from numerous types of plants, herbs, flowers and even fruits, but today we’re going to talk about the dandelion tea. Most people […]