Healthy Juice Recipes

The Best Winter Detox Drink

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Improper diet, especially if it is based on a small amount of cooked food and excessive amounts of junk food, may create a feeling like you carry on weights. As a result of that, you may have lack of energy […]

Lettuce Juice Will Heal Your Whole Digestive System

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Lettuce, usually served in starters or as garnish, is also frequently used in soups and other dishes. It has a general stimulating effect on the activity of digestive glands and contains a significant amount of minerals (iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, […]

Anti-Cancer and Anti-Osteoporosis Drink

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When it comes to anti-aging foods, nutritionists usually think of products or remedies that can combat or prevent osteoporosis, cancer, degenerative diseases and infections. Anti-Cancer and Anti-Osteoporosis Recipe This smoothie recipe is a real health bomb that is packed with […]

Healthy Juices for Kidney Detoxification

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Kidneys are extremely important because they eliminate toxins and maintain the health of your body. Other organs that help with detoxification are the lungs, colon, lymph, skin and liver. Because of the modern diets and environmental changes, you are regularly […]

Celery and Lemon Juice lowers cholesterol and hypertension

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Before calling on synthetic medicines to decrease cholesterol, try to solve the problem through alimentation. Changing the diet is fundamental in treating any type of disease. According to Health National Institutes, a diet poor in sodium and rich in potassium […]

Juice Recipes for Liver Cleanse

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The recipes presented below are extremely beneficial for the entire body, not just for the digestive system or the liver. They contain fruits, vegetables and seeds and they are extremely beneficial for the body detoxification. Recipe 1 – 1 lemon […]

Juice for Stomach Cleansing and Immunity

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This vegetal tonic is extremely rich in vitamins, beta-carotene and antioxidants that clean the digestive tract by eliminating the toxins, boost the organism and help it fight against diseases and cancer and heal a sore throat in an instant. The 3 ingredients […]

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE treated without drugs (natural recipes)

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Those who suffer from high blood pressure are advised to pay more attention to their nutrition and to try solving this health problem through natural methods. There are many aliments with a proved effect of lowering and controlling the high […]