HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE treated without drugs (natural recipes)

Those who suffer from high blood pressure are advised to pay more attention to their nutrition and to try solving this health problem through natural methods. There are many aliments with a proved effect of lowering and controlling the high blood pressure. However, perseverance is also needed.

High Blood Pressure Can Be Treated With No Drugs

These juices also have other benefic effects for the organism, besides reducing high blood pressure: they diminish cholesterol, fight tiredness, increase immunity and body energy, prevent cancer and chronic diseases.

Celery juice

Celery, due to its composing strings and crisp texture, is a real fighter against blood pressure. The most important aspect about this root vegetable is that it lowers the blood pressure without causing side-effects, even if you also take medicines.

The celery contains active substances which will naturally relax the muscles of the artery wall and those near them. Moreover, the celery decreases the blood sugar level and improves the functions of the cardiovascular system by reducing the stress hormone.

The celery contains magnesium, potassium and calcium in high quantities. These minerals have a calming effect for the nervous system, which help in reducing the high blood pressure. You can also add an apple to your celery juice.

Beetroot juice

The beetroot contains nitrates in abundance, which are transformed in nitrites during digestion and are absorbed in the stomach. Researchers have discovered that the nitrates in the beetroot juice have a positive impact on the circulatory system by increasing the blood nitric oxide levels.

Beetroot juice was proved to be as efficient as the nitrate capsules, due to the fact that the low blood pressure lasted for 24 hours. Specialists say that one glass of beetroot juice (200ml) a day is needed in order to reduce and control blood pressure. Carrots can also be added in the beetroot juice.

Cranberry juice

This drink is a veritable elixir, not only for women who fight urinary tract inflammations and infections, but also for those who want to combat high blood pressure. Epidemiological studies showed that cranberries contain a large and interesting variety of plant flavonoids which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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