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Juice for Stomach Cleansing and Immunity

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This vegetal tonic is extremely rich in vitamins, beta-carotene and antioxidants that clean the digestive tract by eliminating the toxins, boost the organism and help it fight against diseases and cancer and heal a sore throat in an instant. The 3 ingredients […]

Boost Immunity and Reduce Inflammation with Pumpkins

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We all know that pumpkins are used for pies and Halloween decorations. Still, not many people know that these products are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Therefore, they have numerous health benefits. For example, pumpkins are high in […]

A Tea that Boosts Immunity and Life Span – Tibetan Recipe

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This wonderful tea contains a few ingredients with powerful therapeutic properties: ginger, cayenne pepper, anise, lemon and honey. The recipe presented below comes from the Tibetan medicine and has been conceived to combat stress, promote health and increase life span. Shortly, […]

Natural Juice for Cleansing the Blood and Boosting Immunity

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This juice recipe is miraculous for those who always feel exhausted, lacking vitality or stamina and stressed. The juice presented below is efficient in cleansing and healing the body. Ingredients – 2 apples – 2 carrots – 1 beet – 2 […]