Enhance Immunity, Energy, Metabolism, & Digestion in 5 Minutes With 4 Ingredients

Four ingredients and less than 5 minutes of preparation is all it takes to boost immunity, energy, metabolism, and digestion. Cayenne pepper is a pungent red powder made from dried chili peppers and traditionally used to add a spicy kick to hot sauces and Mexican dishes. When combined with warming ginger and zesty lemon, cayenne pepper makes a wonderful winter tea that treats everything from the common cold to high blood pressure.


The Healing Properties of Cayenne Pepper

When ingested as a tea, cayenne pepper helps break up mucous in the body, thereby relieving the sinus congestion symptomatic of bacterial infections and viruses. Cayenne pepper doesn’t stop there. Other health benefits include:

-Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties
-Lowers high blood pressure
-Alleviates migraines and headaches
-Boosts blood flow
-Aids in healthy digestion
-Detoxes the body
-Stimulates metabolism

Digestive Relief with Ginger

Ginger has been used to soothe digestive upset for over 2000 years. A dose of ginger puts gas, nausea, and bloating to rest by relaxing the intestinal tract. Rich in antioxidants, ginger also inhibits inflammatory compounds. Ginger has been shown to increase circulation, calm muscle pain, ease the symptoms of menstruation, stop migraine pain, and even slow or kill the progression of ovarian cancer cells.

Lemon for pH Balance

With a heaping helping of vitamin C, lemons fight infections and viruses. Because lemon is alkaline-forming, it also helps to restore the body’s pH.

Lemon acts as a…

-Liver stimulant: Lemon dissolves uric acid and other poisons and liquefies bile, thereby helping to detoxify the body of toxins.
-Stone fighter: Lemons break apart gallstones, kidney stones, and calcium deposits.
-Antimicrobial and antibacterial agent: Lemons can even destroy intestinal worms!
-Blood pressure regulator: Lemons contain vitamin P, which strengthens blood vessels.
-Anti-cancer agent: Lemons contain over 22 cancer-fighting compounds.

Cayenne Pepper Tea Recipe
-1 cup hot water
-1 tbsp chopped ginger
-half a lemon
-1 tsp grounded cayenne pepper

1. Chop fresh ginger into chunks. Keep the chunks large enough that they will settle at the bottom of the tea and not float to the surface.
2. Boil one cup of water. Let sit for one minute.
3. Pour hot water over the ginger and let cool for 2 minutes.
4. Squeeze half a lemon into the ginger water.
5. Add 1 tsp of cayenne pepper. Stir and enjoy your cayenne pepper tea!

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