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Gaining Weight Perimenopause

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The years that lead up to menopause are in fact known as perimenopause, and this is the prime time when women tend to add on additional pounds, especially around the waist. According to MayoClinic, hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle and genetic factors […]

Perimenopause Weight Gain?

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Follow these steps below if you experienced Perimenopause Weight Gain. Add Interval Training to Your Workouts By adding interval training to your workouts, you’ll be able to help your body burn more calories. Levine says the same types of exercise […]

Early Menopausal Symptoms

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Menopausal symptoms are happening much sooner than what has been shown in the past. Menopause generally occurs between the ages of 40 and 50 years old today. In the past, it typically occurred around the age of 51. Women normally […]

Facts about Hyperthyroidism

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Hyperthyroidism is such a condition in which your thyroid gland produces excess of thyroid hormones. It is generally also calles as “overactive thyroid”. Thyroid is a type of gland which is located above your chest just in front of your […]

Perimenopause Weight Gain Causes

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One of the causes of perimenopause weight is the drop in estrogen levels, which usually make the body store more visceral fat around the abdomen. Activity levels for many women also tend to decline as they get older. Declining estrogen levels […]

Perimenopause Weight Gain Supplements

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Perimenopause usually occurs during the four to five years before menopause. It’s a transitional time for a woman’s body when hormones begin to fluctuate and cause symptoms such as weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, headaches and dry skin. One […]

Heart palpitations

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What are heart palpitations Heart palpitations are where something unusual about the heartbeat leads the person to be aware that it is beating. This doesn’t simply refer to a normal heartbeat that is noticed by the person. Heart palpitations may […]

Side Effects of Menopause

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Menopause occurs when the ovaries of an aging woman stop producing hormones (estrogen and progesterone). The average age of menopause varies widely. In industrialized countries, the average age is 51 years with variations between 39 and 57 years. Menopause before […]