Early Menopausal Symptoms

Menopausal symptoms are happening much sooner than what has been shown in the past. Menopause generally occurs between the ages of 40 and 50 years old today. In the past, it typically occurred around the age of 51. Women normally are able to handle menopausal symptoms much better if they know what to expect. The following will show you the common signs to look for when your body starts to make adjustments for menopause.

Early Menopausal Symptoms

Early Menopausal Symptoms

Erratic Menstrual Cycle – Your period will no longer be regular, but you will notice that some months it will be shorter in length than others and sometimes it will be much longer. Even though this is different for every woman, you will still notice a change from your norm.

Hot Flashes – This is one the most common menopause symptoms. You will hear many women discussing how uncomfortable it is when they occur. The heat is not only on the outside of the body, but women have described it as a hot burning feeling in the inside.

Some women experience a cold and clammy feeling right afterwards. It is best to dress in layers when you are going through hot flashes so you will not be left cold immediately after it hits.

Lowered Libido – Sex will probably be the last thing on your mind while you are going through this. The vaginal area will get dry and intercourse can be very painful.

Breast Tenderness – If you ever were pregnant or can remember way back when you had periods at a younger age, you will probably remember that your breasts were very sensitive and tender to the touch. At this time they can become very irritated and hurt when rubbed against fabric.

Weight Gain – It is not uncommon to at least put on over 20 pounds during this time frame. It is highly recommended for you to exercise and eat properly even before you start noticing signs of menopause because when you start to go through the symptoms, it will be much more of a challenge to lose the weight. You will end up bloating from certain foods as well.

Mood Swings – This will also be very prevalent as your estrogen levels are making adjustments in your body. It will be harder to hold back your anger and you will sometimes feel okay one minute and a few minutes later you may feel like crying.

Elasticity in the skin – This will be the time you will start to notice your skin not being as tight. You will be more prone to allergies, skin rashes, and hay fever at this point. See more about early menopause treatment

Other symptoms – Other menopausal symptoms can include body odor, tooth decay, nausea, aching joints, and dizzy spells.

Luckily there are many treatments to help provide relief. It is also recommended that when you start going through these changes, to see a physician to get a correct diagnosis in order to be provided the best possible treatment for your menopausal symptoms.

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