Heart palpitations

What are heart palpitations

Heart palpitations are where something unusual about the heartbeat leads the person to be aware that it is beating. This doesn’t simply refer to a normal heartbeat that is noticed by the person. Heart palpitations may show up as part of the collection of hypoglycemia symptoms. Some other reasons why this may occur are discussed.


Heart palpitations causes

  • Hyperthyroidism

When a person has an overactive thyroid gland that makes excessive amounts of thyroid hormones, then he has what is known as hyperthyroidism. A common form of this is Graves’ disease. This occurs when the whole thyroid is having issues with overproduction. Thyroid inflammation, known medically as thyroiditis, is a reason it may happen. Other types of causes and forms of this condition also exist.

Aside from palpitations, a number of other symptoms can show up. As one example, the patient with hyperthyroidism might sweat more than he usually would. Weakness can affect his muscles. Weight loss can be a symptom, even though the person’s appetite is at a normal level. Sleeping may be harder than it otherwise would be. It is possible that the person can experience shortness of breath. Amongst the many other potential symptoms, nausea and vomiting are some that might be noticed.

  • Anemia

Heart palpitations might also be found in someone who has anemia. This condition often involves a lowered level of red blood cells (referred to as RBCs). However, in some instances it involves other issues, such as a lower amount of hemoglobin than would usually be in someone’s blood. In many instances, anemia is not quickly diagnosed, and the symptoms are not major. Yet, the person can experience exhaustion. The person may experience shortness of breath when being active. Paleness of the skin may be noticed. A rapid heart rate, which is known as tachycardia, is another possible symptom of anemia.

The normal method of looking for a diagnosis of this is by having a complete blood count. RBCs, hemoglobin, and other items are shown on this report. The details found on it might also be beneficial toward looking into what medical reason led to the case of anemia. Treatment is not always the same, and some of the factors that are considered are the medical cause, and how severe the condition is.

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