Watermelon Rinds – Why You Shouldn’t Throw Them Away

As soon as the hot summer days settle in, watermelon becomes a favorite treat. And it’s no wonder, as watermelon is equally refreshing and flavorful, while at the same time being a fantastic source of minerals and vitamins.

watermelon rinds benefits

However, allow me to tell you something that, perhaps, you didn’t know before – that watermelon rinds are actually edible. As weird as it may seem, once you learn that watermelons are related to cucumbers, you won’t be surprised to find out that each part of the fruit is edible! There are many reasons you should consume the rind of the fruit as well, one of them being that it’s filled with beneficial nutrients. As you probably already know, the skin of fruits and veggies are the parts that come with many nutrients and beneficial compounds.

In some cultures, the rind of the watermelon is used in preparing various dishes, due to the mild flavor it has. On top of that, traditional healers seem to turn to this fruit in treating various health conditions. Thus, it would appear that not only is the fruit a great addition to your diet, but the rind may be used for different purposes as well. Keep on reading to find out the main reasons you should refrain from throwing the watermelon rinds this summer!

  • They stimulate healthy weight loss

The watermelon rind is packed with fiber. Including it into your diet may help you get rid of those extra pounds as it can prevent you from overeating. At the same time, the rind of the watermelon is known to be diuretic as well, helping you eliminate water weight.

  • They boost the workout benefits

The skin of this juicy fruit encompasses citrulline, which is a type of amino acid. Amino acids are known to be helpful in aiding the muscle repair. For this reason, having some watermelon rind after hitting the gym may be a great idea for bolstering workout benefits.

  • They regulate your blood pressure

Eating watermelon rind is especially recommended for individuals who suffer from high blood sugar. As mentioned above, due to its diuretic properties, consuming the rind of the fruit may release the excess of toxins from the bloodstream. In this direction, studies indicate that watermelon rind extract is helpful for hypertensive adults in particular.

  • They enhance your libido

Due to its citrulline compound, watermelon rind is beneficial in growing the libido. As a matter of fact, this amino acid is frequently added to various libido-boosting supplements you may found on the market. In this view, studies indicate that citrulline is beneficial in fighting mild erectile dysfunctions.

  • They’re beneficial for the health of the urinary system

Given its diuretic properties, the rinds of this juicy fruit may contribute to maintaining the health of your kidneys and urinary system. When the production of urine grows, the urinary tract is clean and in good working condition. However, it’s also important to hydrate yourself accordingly by drinking up to 12 glasses of water per day!

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