Watermelon, Plums and Onion Juice to Prevent Heat Stroke

A stroke happens when your blood circulation to the brain is blocked and when a blood vessel breaks into your brain. Brain cells and walls are no longer circulated by blood, damaging them in unrepeatable ways, leading to death if not attended in time.

Although we want to see strokes as something unpredictable, a tragic accident that no one could have seen coming, in fact, strokes have many controllable factors that are not taken into consideration by most of us.

A heat stroke takes place when someone exposes themselves to the sun and high temperatures too much time. This leads to the previously-mentioned causes: blood circulation blockage and the breakage of blood vessels.


Wearing a hat to protect you from the sun rays and not going out in the middle of the day in the summer are common sense solutions for preventing a heat stroke. Still, there are also some natural remedies that you can use in order to avoid such a dangerous problem:

  • Aloe vera juice – aloe vera is known to be high in vitamins and minerals, but it is also known as an adaptogen. In other words, it helps your body adjust to different external conditions and determines your defensive mechanism.

  • Apple cider vinegar – a few drops added to your juice or mixed with cool water and honey can do wonders for your body. Potassium and magnesium can be lost during sweating and apple cider vinegar helps refilling your body with these essential minerals.

  • Plums – rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these little fruits can make wonders for your body. Put some into the water to soften them, mash them and mix them with some water and drink this juice. Plums are known to be very hydrating.

  • Onion juice – in case your body reaches unbearable temperatures, try to squeeze an onion and apply the juice on your chest and behind your ears. You can also consume them raw in salads and chutneys. They help your body cool down really fast.

  • Coconut water and buttermilk – coconut water hydrates your body, while buttermilk is high in probiotics that help you refill your body with minerals, lost during sweating.

  • Mint leaves and coriander juice – making a juice out of coriander and some mint leaves can help your body cool down. Both of these ingredients have cooling effects. For those who cannot take it plain, this juice can be served with a little bit of sugar.

  • Watermelon – this fruit contains lots and lots of water. If you have been exposed to sun for a long time, the best way to gain back the fluids lost during sweating is by eating watermelon. Having it on a regular basis fights the risk of having a heat stroke.

  • Fennel seeds and tulsi seeds – both fennel and tulsi seeds are known to have cooling properties. Soak a handful of these in water over night, strain and drink the water next morning. This way, your body will be hydrated during the day and protected from the heat.

If exposed to high temperatures, make sure you eat lots of fruits and hydrate yourself in a proper way. Dehydration during the summer leads to a rise of temperature in your body and it’s one of the main causes for a heat stroke.

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