Perimenopause Treatment – Get Out of “Hormone Hell!”

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Have you thought about perimenopause treatment for symptoms like night sweats or hot flashes? Maybe you’ve even talked to your doctor and all he wants to do is prescribe some useless medications that could even give you dangerous side effects? Well, take heart, you are not alone. See Dr. Hollie Lucille’s new tell-all program called NaturaPause.

Perimenopause Treatment-Get Out of “Hormone Hell!”

Perimenopause Treatment-Get Out of “Hormone Hell!”

I don’t know if it ever occurred to you, but even women in their 30s and 40s are feeling the ill effects of perimenopause and some have even started looking for alternative treatments. And I’m not suggesting you should necessarily be blaming your physician. It could be that for him the idea of perimenopause treatment wasn’t even remotely appropriate for you.

Really, the big debate for most women is whether or not to allow themselves to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) drugs or not. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with this one as well? While there are certainly valid arguments for either side, many women are opting out of the drug mill approach.

Look, it’s just awful being stuck in this “hormone hell” particularly when it seems like a hopeless situation. You can’t sleep, your body flushes with heat, you soak your sheets at night with sweat, maybe you have started to gain weight…and it isn’t getting any better.

The good news

If you’re tired of getting the run around and finally want to deal with all these rotten feelings you’ve been having, there is an answer and you can get it today.

There is a woman named Dr. Holly Lucille, you might have seen her on Lifetime TV or the Discovery Health Channel. She’s developed a revolutionary new program called NaturaPause that gets at the root of your hormone issues and not just the outer symptoms.

What if you could have a program that would restore your hormones, not replace them? I mean, it’s not like your hormones just took a hike and left you, right? Of course not! It’s just that they have been altered by chronic adrenal fatigue, unrelenting stress, and a flood of toxins that you are consuming without even knowing it.

NaturaPause is a new holistic approach that gives you a toxin-free body, great adrenal health, with your body’s own hormones (the way nature has designed them).  Pump up your sex drive, get back to your ideal weight, and enjoy a great night’s sleep!

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