Increase Metabolism with Oil Pulling and Cayenne

We have all heard about metabolism and how we can increase it, but do we know what this really is? Well, metabolism is in fact a chemical process through which the food you consume and the beverages you drink are transformed into energy. This way, your body is able to function and you can perform your daily activities. When you’re at rest, the metabolism helps you with repairing cells, circulating the blood and breathing. If you have a low or slow metabolism, then your overall health, body weight and energy level can be affected.

Increase Metabolism with Oil Pulling and Cayenne

The main causes for a low metabolism are consuming sugary foods, fasting, lack of physical activity, poor eating patterns and diets, inadequate sleep, too many toxins in the body and too much stress. The symptoms associated with this problem are: dry skin, low blood pressure, constipation, increased sensitivity to cold, weakness, high body fat, fatigue and slow pulse. With a few lifestyle and diet changes and some natural remedies, you can re-gain your normal metabolism level.

Oil Pulling

This is ancient practice that is extremely useful for detoxifying the body. It will not only increase the metabolism, but will also help you get rid of the extra pounds. This practice is extremely simple. You will need organic sesame or coconut oil (1 tablespoon). Put the oil in your mouth and swish it for 20 minutes or so. After that, you must spit it out and you can brush your teeth as regularly. Repeat the procedure every morning, before breakfast. Keep in mind that you must not swallow or gargle the oil because it becomes toxic.

Warm Lemon Water

A single cup of warm lemon water can help you increase your metabolism and alkalize your body. At the same time, lemon water will hydrate you and will even combat the hunger cravings. If you want to lose weight, you can also add black pepper to the recipe. Mix warm water (one glass) with the juice from half a lemon. Add black pepper powder (1/2 teaspoon) and honey (1 teaspoon). Consume this solution on an empty stomach every morning.

Green Tea

This extraordinary elixir can accelerate the fat oxidation and increase the metabolic rates thanks to the antioxidants and flavonoids it contains. Prepare a tea with one cup of water and green tea leaves (1 teaspoon). Let it infuse for about 5 minutes and after that strain it. Add honey and consume up to 4 cups of this tea every day.


The capsaicin in the cayenne stimulates the thermogenesis, meaning that the energy is converted into heat. As a result, both the metabolism and the body temperature are enhanced. You can add cayenne powder or cayenne pepper in the majority of your dishes, including salads and soups. The healthy food stores sell cayenne capsules. You can take 1 of these capsules two times per day to boost metabolism.

You can also increase your metabolism by exercising regularly, having a healthy lifestyle and diet, taking more vitamin D and increasing your fluid intake.

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