Cardamom Can Make You both Beautiful and Healthy

Cardamom is a wonderful green spice from India. It is related to the ginger family, and can make all your dishes taste marvelous. This ingredient has gained popularity for its ability to spice up Asian dishes, but also for the fact that it offers various health and beauty benefits.

cardamom beauty and health benefits

So why is cardamom such a beneficial item to have in your kitchen? There are a lot of reasons for the fact that it has the price tag set up so high, and once you find them out, you will be more than willing to spend a few bucks just to have this wonderful spice in your cupboard.

  • It Takes Away Your Hiccups

Have you ever been so desperate to get rid of hiccups, and no other method seemed to help? Well, cardamom is famous for its antispasmodic properties, which means that it lowers or even prevents the spasm from your body muscles. Next time you go into hiccups, reach for this spice.

  • It Purifies Your Blood

It enhances your body’s properties to remove impurities from your blood. If you are known to have kidney problems, this spice will help you filter out any toxins from your blood.

  • It Relieves Your Abdominal Cramps

If you are prone to having stomach aches, this spice can help you put an end to them. Just add a pinch of ground cardamom in a glass of warm water, and sip slowly through it.

  • It’s Good for People Suffering of Asthma

This spice can provide relief to those suffering from asthma, since the anti-inflammatory effects of the spice help relieve the troubled airway. Not only that, but it is also very good for people suffering from chronic or acute bronchitis.

  • It Treats Various Infections

Cardamom is highly recommended when it comes to respiratory tract infections. It relieves the symptoms of headaches, runny nose and chest pain which is why it’s a good thing to consume it when you’re caught with the flu. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve symptoms of the common cold or the flu, as well as other infections caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria multiplications.

  • It Promotes a Good Oral Health

Cardamom is a good remedy for those who often experience bad breath. And also, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this spice can also treat gum inflammation and mouth ulcers.

  • It Helps Your Skin Look Beautiful and Young

Since cardamom has high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps slow down the aging properties. It also has antibacterial properties that help treat pimples and acne.

  • It Makes Your Hair Look Gorgeous

You can drink cardamom tea, or you can massage it on your scalp to get rid of problems such as dandruff, hair loss or hair thinning. It can also spare you from the awful split ends, since it prevents dryness and brittleness.

Cardamom not only makes your food taste wonderful, but it can improve your life a great deal upon regular consumption. Next time you arrive at the spice shop, make sure to grab some cardamom to make yourself healthy and beautiful.

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