Coffee with Cardamom – Recipe with Antibiotic Properties

The recipe listed below is extremely beneficial for the health due to a key-ingredient used mainly in the Arabic countries: cardamom. This spice has magnificent healing properties, as you will see in the following paragraphs.

Coffee with Cardamom – Recipe with Antibiotic Properties

Coffee with Cardamom – Recipe


– 1 tablespoon of ground coffee

– 1 pinch of ground cardamom

– 1 cup of water

– Sugar


Let the water and sugar boil in a pot. When it starts seething, turn off the heat and add the coffee and the cardamom. Turn on the heat again and let it reach the boiling point. When it starts foaming, take the coffee off the heat. Repeat this procedure once more and then the coffee is ready.


Next time you’ll prepare your morning coffee, make sure to add a pinch of cardamom and you will obtain an Arabic coffee with medicinal properties. This spice is similar to ginger as they are part of the same family and most of us use it to prepare desserts and teas together with other condiments like nutmeg, cloves or cinnamon.

Cardamom contains more than 100 substances with antibiotic effects that can help us stay away from the bacterial infections in the oral cavity. Cardamom coffee is a great remedy for oral hygiene and can be used by anyone. It can immediately eliminate halitosis. Moreover, it treats oral ulcers and infections.

Cardamom is also known for its capacity of cleaning the body and eliminating toxins through the kidneys. The phytonutrients, vitamins and essential oils in the cardamom act as powerful antioxidants. This magical spice can combat the effect of free radicals that produce chronic diseases and premature aging.

Those who practice Ayurveda medicine say that a coffee with cardamom is the best remedy to combat depression, thanks to its detoxifying property and its capacity of rejuvenating the cells.

When added in milk or tea, cardamom can help in preventing and easing cold and flu symptoms.

Also, those who suffer from infections are advised to consume cardamom, because it contains various essential oils with antiseptic properties that can inhibit the development if bacteria, viruses and fungi. At the same time, cardamom acts like a natural remedy for cough, bronchitis and asthma.

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, cardamom will improve blood circulation and the skin appearance.

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