Gall Bladder Cleanse Tea with Chamomile and Parsley

Along with catnip, dandelion root, fennel seed, ginger, milk thistle, oregon grape root, peppermint and oat straw, chamomile and parsley are part of a tea blend that is not only very efficient, but also as tasty as it gets. This mild cleansing blend will help with gall bladder irritation, inflammation and flare ups and will also detox the bile and help the liver remove most of the unhealthy fats.


Gall bladder – function and symptoms of disease

The main purpose of the gall bladder is to store bile, which is produced by the liver. The bile consists primarily of water and bile salts (bile acids conjugated with glycine or taurine) and functions as an emulsifier of the fats contained in partly digested food, thereby assisting their absorption. The storage of the bile is important because it can be released in adequate quantities subsequent to the ingestion of food, thus making the presence of to-be-digested fats less stressful for the liver. A dysfunctional gall bladder is often the sign of a more serious disease affecting the liver. That is because a dysfunctional liver tends to produce toxic unhealthy bile and that toxicity will redound upon the function of the gall bladder.

Problems with the gall bladder and biliary system are very common and consist of inflammation of the gall bladder and bile ducts, muscular spasm or hypotonic contractions of the gall bladder muscles, gallstones forming in the gall bladder and/or bile ducts and obstruction of the free flow of bile due to other various causes.

Symptoms of gall bladder disease attacks include indigestion and nausea (after eating fatty foods), vomiting and pain in the right upper abdomen, which often radiates to the right shoulder and back.

Tea blend with chamomile and parsley for a dysfunctional gall bladder

This tea blend is highly recommended especially for those who are dieting, fasting or simply reducing their fat intake. The tea has a good flavor (and it can be sweetened with a teaspoon of honey) and is really effective against pain. Tea can be consumed at the onset of gall bladder pain and pressure. Herbs in this remedy will decrease the sharpness of pain spasms and will help eliminate the toxins.

The easiest way to consume this tea blend is to prepare a full tea pot (approximately 3 cups) and drink it throughout the day or night or whenever you feel your gall bladder needs some help. It is best to drink this tea as hot as you can stand it (but not if you add honey, because the main active substances contained in honey will degenerate at temperatures higher than 60 °C). It is also recommendable to continue to consume the tea blend for at least 2 days after the gall bladder attack has passed, because it helps to push the toxins and sludge through the system, making them easier to pass.

This tea is not an alternative to surgery. If gallstones are quite big, they may have to be removed. But this blend can however be used after surgery to help regulate digestion and tone up the gall bladder.

This tea blend should not be consumed during pregnancy due to the presence of parsley, which can stimulate uterine contractions and can thus have abortive effects in higher doses. Also, myristicin contained in parsley (as well as in nutmeg and dill) can cross the placenta to the fetus and in high doses may cause an increased heart beat and may even affect the hemoglobin in the fetus’s red blood cells.

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