Onion and Walnuts Syrup – Efficient Cough Remedy

This wonderful syrup is a classic cough remedy for both adults and children. It successfully eases a sore throat and its burning sensation.

Onion and Walnuts Syrup – Efficient Cough Remedy

Similar to garlic, onion had anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, expectorant and immune-boosting properties. Onion is extremely useful for children because its compounds are milder than those found in garlic. Adults can consume 2 garlic cloves per day to stay away from diseases.

Onion and Walnuts Syrup – Recipe


– 2 large onions

– 4 – 5 dry walnuts

– 600 ml water


Cut the onions in 4 pieces and let them boil (keeping the peel). Wait until the liquid is reduced to half of its initial quantity. Crush the walnuts and add them to the mixture with their shells. Let the liquid boil until it’s again reduced to half (600 – 300 – 150 ml).

Strain the 150 ml of syrup through a piece of cheesecloth and extract all the juice. Take it as any other cough syrup, 1 teaspoon, 3 times per day (in the morning, afternoon and evening) or more often (1 teaspoon per hour), depending on how severe the condition is.

Onion and Spices Syrup – Recipe

Another alternative to the above presented cough syrup is this:

– 1 onion

– 1 dry walnut

– 3 bay leaves

– 1 teaspoon of caraway

– 6 tablespoons of sugar

– 1 cup of water

To treat a sore throat, you must prepare a syrup with 6 teaspoons of caramelized sugar, 1 cup of water, 1 whole onion (including the peel), a whole crushed walnut, 3 bay leaves and 1 teaspoon of caraway.

Let the sugar caramelize in a pot, and then add the water. After that, add the onion and the walnut with their skin and shell respectively. Make sure to wash them prior to this. Add the bay and the caraway.

Let the mixture boil for about 10 minutes, then turn off the heat, put on the lid and wait until it has cooled down. At the end, strain the syrup and keep it in a small bottle in the fridge. For instant effects, you can take 5 teaspoons per day.

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