Miracle Soup That Regulates Blood Pressure and Prevents Diseases

This recipe is not only beneficial for regulating the high blood pressure, but also for preventing various heart diseases. It is a vegetable soup that’s extremely healthy and nutritional, preventing the apparition of various health problems: constipation, obesity, diabetes or cancer.

Miracle Soup That Regulates Blood Pressure and Prevents Diseases

There are numerous vegetables that can help you keep the blood pressure under control. You can make this soup with any kind of vegetables, but the ones presented below are the most recommended.


The scientific studies have confirmed the hypothesis rised by the ancient Chinese medicine: celery is helpful for reducing high blood pressure. The lab animals were injected with celery extract and their blood pressure was reduced significantly. The same effect was noticed in those who consumed 4 stalks of celery.


Certain studies have demonstrated that onion essential oil can reduce the high blood pressure and the systolic blood pressure by 67%. Sometimes, the onion essential oil can be difficult to obtain. For this reason, it’s recommended that you use as much onion as possible in your food.


Garlic is without any doubt the most powerful food that diminishes and regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. One study has shown that the hypertensive persons who received 1 garlic clove per day, for 12 weeks, have experienced a reduction of their cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s absolutely amazing that in such small amounts, garlic can reduce high blood pressure. The researchers say that 15 grams of garlic per week (1 garlic clove per day) is enough to get this effect. The best option is to consume raw garlic, but if you can’t do this, then you can take garlic capsules or add garlic to your dishes. Garlic has many other health benefits, so you should use it as often as possible.


This vegetable from the cruciferous family contains 6 chemical compounds that reduce the blood pressure. Moreover, broccoli has proven anti-cancer properties.


Saffron contains crocetin, a substance that reduces the blood pressure. The scientists say that a regular consumption of saffron reduces the risk of heart diseases. The bad news is that this amazing spice for dishes and teas is extremely expensive.


According to the studies, carrots contain 8 compounds that help reducing the blood pressure.


These vegetables should not miss from any vegetable soup. Tomatoes are extremely rich in gamma-aminobutyric acid, an amino acid that reduces the blood pressure. The researchers have discovered that tomatoes contain 6 of these compounds.


No soup is complete without spices. To give this special and healthy soup a great aroma, you can use a mixture of black pepper, basil, tarragon and oregano. All these spices have the capability to reduce blood pressure. Use olive oil and as many herbs as possible – fresh or frozen. It can be a regular soup, a cream soup or a broth. You can also consume these vegetables raw, grated or as salad.

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