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Reduce High Blood Pressure with These Herbs

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Blood pressure can be triggered by many factors, such as stress and unhealthy habits. Untreated, high blood pressure can have life-threatening effects by causing heart problems and damaging the blood vessels. If you want to control or prevent high blood […]

Reduce High Blood Pressure with Potassium-Rich Remedy

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The smoothie we’re going to present below can be consumed in the mornings, as a delicious breakfast. It’s nutritious, nourishing, healthy and has a very pleasant taste. It’s also of great help for those who suffer from high blood pressure. Recipe […]

Healthy blood pressure diet

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Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a common condition that can lead to serious complications if untreated. Making dietary changes and losing weight are effective treatments for reducing blood pressure. Hypertension sometimes is called the silent killer because, by itself, it […]

Top Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure

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In America, almost one in three adults are living with high blood pressure, that’s why the topic of dietary recommendations for high blood pressure is becoming more and more popular these days. What causes high blood pressure? Normally not consuming […]

Shepherd’s Purse Tea – The Perfect Blood Pressure Regulator

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Shepherd’s purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) is not only a medicinal plant, but also one with culinary attributes. Its leaves can be consumed as part of salads or soups, being an excellent protector against stomach pain or diarrhea. Traditionally it is used […]

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE treated without drugs (natural recipes)

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Those who suffer from high blood pressure are advised to pay more attention to their nutrition and to try solving this health problem through natural methods. There are many aliments with a proved effect of lowering and controlling the high […]

Miracle Soup That Regulates Blood Pressure and Prevents Diseases

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This recipe is not only beneficial for regulating the high blood pressure, but also for preventing various heart diseases. It is a vegetable soup that’s extremely healthy and nutritional, preventing the apparition of various health problems: constipation, obesity, diabetes or […]

Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure

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Countless people out there are suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension, a condition that is extremely dangerous because it can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Hypertension can be accidental, when you get angry or upset about something or […]