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Top 10 Foods and Natural Remedies to Cleanse Your Liver

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The ritual of detoxifying one’s body has been practiced for thousands of years. Eliminating toxins from your body has been recommended by Hippocrates himself for improving health. Also, many religious communities have used fasting on the course of history, as […]

What 3 cups of coffee per day can do for your liver?

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You might not be familiar with the notion of coffee as a healthy beverage. After all, this popular uplift drink received a lot of bad press and it was long believed it causes heart disease and cancer. Now, new research […]

A miracle salad for liver detoxification

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Nowadays we live in polluted environments, lead stressful and hectic lives and, unlike our ancestors, we eat more fat and sugars; as a result, our liver is loaded to its maximum capacity or beyond. The liver is responsible for purifying […]

7 Early Signs of Liver Damage – 3 Awesome Liver Detox Recipes

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Liver damage can include anything from heredity (i.e., inherited from a family member), toxicity (i.e., due to chemicals or viruses) to a long-term disease (i.e., Cirrhosis) that can affect your liver for the rest of your life. The liver helps the […]

Juice Recipes for Liver Cleanse

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The recipes presented below are extremely beneficial for the entire body, not just for the digestive system or the liver. They contain fruits, vegetables and seeds and they are extremely beneficial for the body detoxification. Recipe 1 – 1 lemon […]