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Avocado Mask to Treat Cracked Heels

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Everyone has suffered from cracked heels and dry feet at some point. Especially during winter, the cold has the tendency to dry out the skin, and summer does its trick as well with sandals toughening the heels. Thankfully, you can […]

Combat Diseases and Nutritional Deficiencies with Avocado

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Various nutritionists consider avocado one of the healthiest fruits in the world, due to its high content of healthy fats and other nutritive substances that our modern diet lacks. These substances can prevent heart diseases, cancer, eyes disorders and cerebral […]

The Healthy Benefits of Avocados

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Believe it or not, avocado is considered the perfect food. This superfood is also called the alligator pear because if it resembles with the actual pear fruit. Even though , these fruits are a calorie bomb, those calories are nutrient […]