Perimenopause Weight Gain: Real Causes and Solutions

The days of youth and lighteness began to abandon you. Don’t look behind because they won’t come back the way they wore. Try to look up to a new horizon, a new version of you who’s more mature and able to cooperate freely with the natural changes that occur with your body during perimenopause and menopausal period.

Perimenopause Weight GainMenopause is an inevitable fact in a woman’s life, but the excess pounds that come along are not as inevitable as they seem. Most women complain of gain weight as they gain more years. And in most cases, this problem is associated with the hormonal shifts that occur during the perimenopausal phase.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize perimenopausal weight gain by putting the basis of a new life program. Perimenopause diet and exercise are two of the most important starting points. Although losing weight at 40 or 50 years is more difficult than before, know that you are not alone in this. Thousands of women the same age as you are militating against weight gain at menopause. This should motivate you to keep cutting out that apple-shaped body.

What Causes Perimenopause Weight Gain?

As a woman begins approaching menopause, hormonal imbalance start occurring. This is the root of all extra pounds you’re experiencing during perimenopause. Weight gain is one of the most typical symptoms of women in their mid-40s, along with insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, emotional unsettlement or vaginal discomforts. Why does this happen? Simply because your ovaries are now producing less estrogen than ever before.

Our body is extremely intelligent. Estrogen is an essential hormone that influences many functions of your body. And when its level falls, your organism looks for other places to load it. The best way to produce new estrogen is to convert the calories you eat into fat. This is how fat cells appear.

Genetic factors are also responsible for gaining extra weight before and after menopause. Moreover, major life changes and emotional stress can accentuate this problem: divorce, children living home, death of a spouse.

Perimenopausal Weight Gain Solutions

Keep a positive mentality about your new condition of life in order to chase away the constant frustration you’re feeling. Doing more physical activity can help you reduce stress, lose weight and improve your state of mind.

Take long walks
Go swimming
Take a ride with the bike or go cycling
Do some yard work or gardening
Join group fitness classes
Do cardio exercises

Adopting a healthier nutrition and a more active lifestyle is the best way to go. Cut back on tempting snacks that will only add more fat and cholesterol to your body.

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