Perimenopause Diet

What Should A Hormone Imbalance Diet Consist Of?

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Hormone imbalance is symbolic of the onset of menopause for women of middle age. A number of different symptoms that can be described as uneasy are associated with hormone imbalance. Every woman experiences something different in regards to hormone imbalance, […]

Perimenopause Weight Gain and Diet Soda

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If you’re going through perimenopause and you are drinking a lot of diet soda, you may want to eliminate it from your diet. Research suggests that diet soda makes people gain weight, especially around the waist. Drinking soda during menopause […]

Perimenopause Diet and Nutrition

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Diet is the basis to a healthy physical and mental life. In fact, the process of healing starts with the things you eat and drink. Detoxification is essential for purifying your organism and preparing it for receiving the proper vitamins […]

Menopause Diet: What to Eat

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After the age of 45, a woman’s biological clock announces menopause, a period accompanied by many problems and extra pounds. The most important change during menopause is the decrease estrogen, the hormone responsible for bone and skin health as well […]

Foods to Avoid During Menopause

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Every woman is thinking with fear at menopause period. The heart beats faster than you can count sheep, your eyes and mind show no sign of sleep at all, and your entire body stops listening to you. These are the […]

Hormonal Imbalance Menopause Natural Treatment and Diet

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Hormonal disorders produce the most troublesome symptoms in young or mature women, mostly during perimenopause and menopause: from frustration, irritability, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and depression to heart palpitations, hot flashes, night sweats, bone pain and emotional disorders. In their more […]

Menopause Relief: Perimenopause Foods and Vitamins

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According to experts, the symptoms of menopausal women can be improved by consuming large quantities of vegetables and fruits rich in isoflavones (a vegetable type of estrogen). Some isoflavones have the ability to lower cholesterol and reduce the intensity of […]

Perimenopause Diet for Weight Loss: Tips and Tricks

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During premenopause and after menopause, women should seek more comfort for their symptoms in the daily diet. It is essential for women to include a wider range of nutrients in thier diet /perimenopause diet , especially calcium and iron (women’s […]

Menopause and Weight Gain. Diet and Treatment

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According to medical diagnosis, menopause occurs after 12 months from the official end of the menstrual cycle. Some women may experience specific symptoms during the perimenopause period, but the real menopause occurs naturally a year after the last menstruation. The […]