Thyroid Symptoms in Men: Hypothyroid Diagnosis

The thyroid is a gland that regulates many metabolic processes, especially the development and production of our body energy. Thyroid hormones also contribute contributes to the optimal functioning of the brain.

jHypothyroidism is an endocrine hypo-function that occurs due to a deficiency of thyroid hormones and has a relatively high frequency (0.5-2% of adults are affected by underactive thyroid). The disease occurs mostly in women, more precisely 5-6 times more often than men, during menopause.

Underactive thyroid develops slowly, where the first symptoms of this disease are hardly remembered by the patients. Generally, the most frequent symptoms of underactive thyroid consist in: general weakness, drowsiness, difficult swelling, sensitivity to cold, memory loss, hair loss, dry skin, constipation.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in men

One may notice that all patients with hypothyroidism show the same signs:

Slow speech, hoarse voice, vocal ligament thickening leading to hoarseness, predisposition to acute viral respiratory infections, lung inflammation.

Edematous pasty face, sweating, hair loss, striatal nail fragility, low peripheral circulation.

Pale skin, waxy yellow shaded, pronounced dryness, hyperkeratosis and desquamation.

Muscle weakness, slowness.

The skin becomes hard. Facial features are vulgar, eyelids are edematous. Retinal edema is present, leading to vision loss.

Nasal breathing is hampered, nasal secretions are present.

Rapid and exaggerated increase in height, together with the delay in puberty.

Changes in the nervous system disorder include cranial nerve function, pathological reflexes, increased Achilles reflex, memory loss, apathy, emotional lability, melancholic syndrome, manic states, auditory hallucinations, delirium, the patient is silent, withdrawn.

Digestive disorders in patients with hypothyroidism consist of accelerated intestinal transit, vomiting or constipation and bloating, pain in the upper part of the stomach, dyspeptic phenomena.

Disorders of the cardiovascular system hypothyroidism are found in about 70-80% of hypothyroid patients and are characterized by cardiac pain and headache. Tachycardia, bradycardia, circulatory failure, heart sounds coronary heart diseases.

Gallstones, kidney and urinary tract dysfunctions.

Decreased libido, potency and spermatogenesis.

Sleep disorders, insomnia, nightmares

Thyroid treatment for men

Once diagnosed, hypothyroidism needs to be treated for life, as it has a long and progressive evolution without a certain healing tendency.

Medicinal plants such as oats, mustard-yellow, radish, garlic, onions, walnuts and dill are rich in vitamins and iodine. Food rich in iodine will not substitute, for any reason, the main treatment of the disease.

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