Hypothyroidism Diet: What to Eat?

Beauty face of woman with clean skinAn underactive thyroid can be easily treated if it is detected on time. However, in many cases, hypothyroidism may be completely asymptomatic. Women over 50 years should have their thyroid checked more often because they are more prone to this type of illness.

Hypothyroid diagnosis

Diet is extremely important in thyroid diseases because it can reduce the symptoms and prevent aggravation. However, dietary changes are only good for those who know for certain that their hypothyroid diagnosis is correct.

The diagnosis for hypothyroidism is usually based on a clinical exam named „Thyroid Stimulating Hormone”. When the level of TSH is higher than the normal, the person is diagnosed with hypothyroid, even if the person doesn’t show any other symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

The best diet for hypothyroidism is a diet rich in antioxidants, based on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole cereals and nuts, lean protein and healthy fats.


Iodine is the most important nutrient responsible for producing thyroid hormone. Make sure that your diet contains enough iodine. Try not to overdose. The recommended dose of iodine a day is of 1000 micrograms. You can iodine from different aliments:

• Fish – salmon, tuna fish, water fish, salt water fish, iodized salt, scallops, lobster, oysters or sea vegetables – dulse or wakame.
• Legumes – onion, garlic, spinach, carrot, cress, cabbage, leek, turnips, tomatos
• Fruits – pears, grapes.


This mineral is also important for the normal function of your thyroid. Selenium helps create more thyroid hormones. You can take it from the following aliments:

• Cooked broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin porridge, lamb and eggs.


Food rich in iron is indicated in lazy thyroid. You can take this nutrient from:

• Red meat, chicken, beans, peas, lentil, avocado, peanuts.

Vitamin B

Those who have hypothyroidism should also eat Vitamin B rich food:

• Bananas, potatoes, eggs, cheese, whole cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, salmon.

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