Grape Seed Oil – A Panacea Worth Discovering

Grape seed oil is not only an elixir for the skin, but also an exceptional medicine for the heart, vascular system and eyesight. Because the cold pressing methods are quite new, this product is still a novelty for many of us.

Grape Seed Oil – A Panacea Worth Discovering

Grape Seed Oil – Properties

The grape seed oil is, first of all, an extremely powerful antioxidant. It also has nutrient, emollient, hydrating, regenerating, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and refreshing properties. The grape seed oil is a fascinating source of antioxidants, healthy fats, oils and vitamins. It contains vitamins B5, F and E, copper, selenium, zinc, potassium and mangnesium. It also has special anti-aging agents that are 50 times more powerful than vitamins C and E. Grape seed oil is alos rich in fatty acids.

Heart and Circulation

Follow a 6 – month treatment, during which you will take 3 – 4 tablespoons of grape seed oil per day. Thanks to the unsaturated fats in the oil, it can help maintain the vascular elasticity and prevent the degenerative processes of the blood vessels.

– It prevents cardiac ischemia and circulatory disorders.

– Protects the circulatory system.

– Combats hypertension or oscillating blood pressure.

– Reduces cholesterol levels.

– Prevents strokes.

– Prevents atherosclerosis, arthritis and vascular fragility.

Immunity and Infections

To increase the body resistance to infections and diseases, you can have a 1 month-treatment with 20 ml of grape seed oil per day. It combats the ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, adenoma, colon cancer, stomach cancer and diabetes. The women prone to these disorders can have a 28-day treatment, 4 – 6 times per year. Throughout the treatment, consume 20 ml of grape seed oil per day.


This miraculous oil can be used on any type of skin. It nourishes the dry skin, hydrates and softens, regenerates the skin and helps it regain its elasticity and fermity. It also prevents premature aging, replenishes the tired skin, eliminates wrinkles, cures acne and treats oily skin. It has anti-allergic, antimicrobial and anti-dandruff properties.

– Dry skin and skin sensitive to cold, sun and wind.

– Dermatological disorders: keratoses, psoriasis, depigmentation.

– Oily and combination skin.

– Dandruff and dry hair.

– Cellulite

– Acne

For dry skin, apply 2 – 3 drops and let it enter the skin. Use this oil 1 – 2 times per day. To soften the skin and prevent wrinkles, you can use this oil 2 – 3 times per week. For dry hair, mix 4 – 5 teaspoons of oil with a little bit of water and apply this solution after washing the hair for 15 minutes.

Improving Eyesight

The grape seed oil stimulates the proper functioning of the blood vessels in the eyes and improves the sight. It’s particularly good for the eye disorders caused by age, fatigue or circulatory problems. Take 2 – 4 tablespoons per day or add them to salads or sauces. Don’t add them in hot meals.

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