The Role Grape Seed Extract Plays in the Treatment of Cancer

Colon cancer has become a very common disease, as the number of people affected by it is growing every day. It is the second greatest cause of death from cancer in the US. It affects both men and women equally. It causes the loss of family members, therefore breaking families apart. In this direction, researchers seem to have discovered how grape seed extract can be used in the attempt of treating this illness.

grape-seed-extract for cancer

How does grape seed extract work?

In order to treat colon cancer, there are several treatments such as: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. These are not unknown facts. However, as mentioned above, after deepening in the study of grape seed extract, researchers have perceived the fact that this ingredient actually present properties that can be used in the treatment of colon cancer.

Often it happens that patients seem to become immune to chemotherapy after having been treated accordingly to it. Apparently, this resistance towards this therapy is quite pervasive in the treatment of colon cancer. Once the patient no longer responds to this medication, the doctors have no answers or solutions.

The way in which grape seed extracts work is that they aim at the cancerous cells that have ceased to respond to chemotherapy, preventing further cancerous cells from forming.

Grape seed extract helps foreclose carcinogenesis

Carcinogenesis presents the beginning stage of the forming of cancerous cells. Grape seed extracts contain effective particles named procyanidis. These particles fight the appearance of cancerous cells, in this way preventing the settlement of cancerous cells.

Studies about carcinogenesis show that the antioxidants present in the procyanidis extracted from the grape have anti-tumor properties.

Angiogenesis treated with grape seed extract

Angiogenesis is the next phase after carcinogenesis in the development of a tumor. This is the state in which the benign tumor progresses and becomes a malignant one. Now, the cancerous cells can actually spread through your blood in your entire body. Accordingly to scientific discoveries, the grape seed extract transfers its anti-angiogenesis factors, therefore blocking the expansion of detrimental cancerous cells.

Grape seed extract helps foreclose apoptosis

Apoptosis is the scientific denomination for programmed cell death. Because cancer cells survive longer than the healthy ones, the tumor is able to develop rapidly at this stage. Thus, the grape seed extract seems to own the property to track only the infected cells, letting the healthy ones untouched.

Grape seed extract fights advanced stages of colon cancer

Sometimes, cancer is discovered in its later stage, and at that moment there are much fewer chances of recovery. In this advanced stage, chemotherapy is most of the times ineffective. However, the miraculous properties of grape seed extract manage to trace contagious cells and kill them, even in this final stage of the disease.

Grape seed extract is worth your try

Nowadays, we seem to consider conventional medicine more reliable and we literally put all our hopes in it. But sometimes, we just have to keep our minds open, and try other remedies, which perhaps might seem ineffective to us at first, but that actually posses healing properties that help us fight diseases. Nature can grant you a little bit of hope when everything seems dim.

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