Sesame Seeds and Orange Peel to Remove Tartar

In order to maintain good oral health you must perform regular dental checkups and daily proper flossing and teeth brushing. If you don’t do this, then you will definitely have numerous gums and teeth problems. The plaque forms because of improper brushing. In time, this forms tartar and, in the end, this is going to cause gum and teeth diseases. Thus, it’s crucial to know how to prevent tartar formation.

Sesame Seeds and Orange Peel to Remove Tartar

Tartar is easy to recognize, as it’s a calcified material with yellowish brown color on the teeth surface. It’s made of plaque, bacterial debris and mineral deposits from the saliva. It leads to browning and yellowing of the teeth and bad breath. In time, it causes cavities, gum diseases and loss of teeth. You must remove it as soon as possible to prevent it from calcifying and accumulating. Tartar can usually only be removed by the dentist, but there are numerous home remedies that can help you prevent it.

Consume Spicy Food

This might sound weird, but eating spicy food is a great way to remove tartar. Salsa, for example, and many other spicy foods, stimulate the salivary glands and thus, the excess saliva can clean the gums and the teeth.

Consume Figs

Another food that is useful in preventing tartar is represented by figs. They can strengthen the gums and clean the teeth. You must eat about 3 – 4 figs at a time, but make sure you chew them slowly. This will also stimulate the salivary glands and the secretion of saliva will be increased. As a result, the tartar and plaque will be removed.

Munch Vegetables and Fruits

From time to time munch some celery sticks, a carrot, musk melon or an apple. By doing this, you will naturally clean your teeth. Repeat the process one hour after you’ve had your meal to strengthen the gums and remove tartar, plaque and food particles.

Glycerine and Aloe Vera Scrub

Add vegetable glycerine (4 teaspoons), lemon essential oil (10 drops), aloe vera gel (1 teaspoon) and baking soda (1/2 cup) to one cup of water. Mix well, then use the solution to scrub the teeth and remove tartar. Repeat the process every day.

Sesame Seeds

By chewing sesame seeds you will have white teeth. Take a handful of sesame seeds and chew them slowly. Don’t swallow them. While you still have the sesame seeds in your mouth, use a dry toothbrush to brush the teeth. This is a natural scrub that removes tartar, polishes and cleans the teeth.

Baking Soda

Another natural scurb is baking soda. Mix a pinch of salt with baking soda (1 tablespoon) and use a toothbrush to brush your teeth with the mixture. Rinse off with water. This will whiten the teeth and remove tartar.

Orange Peel

By rubbing an orange peel on your teeth, you can effectively remove tartar. Do this process in the evening and don’t rinse your mouth after that. Let the orange peel cure overnight and brush your teeth in the morning. This fights tartar and combats bacteria, leaving your teeth clean and white.

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