Orange Face Packs – Recipes and Benefits

It is widely known that fruits are extremely beneficial for the health of the skin. In fact, most of the face packs and masks are made of fruits or fruit extracts that are meant to hydrate the skin and provide it the necessary vitamins and minerals. Oranges are some of the healthiest fruits out there and they are not only extremely tasty, but they also come with great benefits for your body. They are rich in folic acids and calcium and they can develop the brain and strengthen the bones. Oranges can also refresh your skin and make it more glowing. For this reason, it is widely used in face packs.

Orange Face Packs – Recipes and Benefits

Orange Face Packs – Benefits

Like all the other citrus fruits, oranges contain large amounts of antioxidants that will tone and tighten the skin. They will also reduce the wrinkles and make you look younger for a longer period of time. Let’s see what other benefits does this fruit have:

– It fights against acne. Orange contains citric acid that is a natural astringent and dries out the pimples.

– It exfoliates the face and eliminates the dead skin cells. Thus, it offers a healthy and clean skin.

– It also eliminates the toxic matter and leaves the skin brighter and fresher.

– It’s beneficial for the summer tan, providing an even skin complexion.

– Oranges also act like a natural bleach and can lighten the tone of your skin. This way, you can avoid the harsh chemical bleaches.

– If you have an oily skin, you can use oranges to absorb the excess oil.

– The peel of the fruit is also efficient in offering you a glowing, clean and clear skin.

Orange Face Packs – Recipes

The following face packs can be easily prepared at home, so all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Orange and Yogurt

For this mask you will need:

– Yogurt – 1 tablespoon

– The juice of one quarter of an orange

Preparation: use a bowl to mix these 2 ingredients until they form a paste. Apply the resulted mixture on your face and neck and let it cure for about 15 minutes. The effect on your skin will be relaxing and cooling. Use water to rinse off and then dry your face. This face pack is extremely useful for those who have anb oily skin.

Orange and Lime

This face pack includes 2 powerful citrus fruits – oranges and limes:

– Fresh orange juice – 1 tablespoons

– Lime juice – 2 tablespoons

– Honey – 1 teaspoon

Preparation: combine all the ingredients and mix well. After that, you can apply the solution on your face. It will help you get rid of the acne and will even remove the acne scars. Thus, after a few applications, you will have a blemish-free skin.

Orange and Green Clay

For this face pack you will need:

– One orange

– Green clay dust – 1 tablespoon

– Milk powder – 1 teaspoon

Preparation: extract the juice from the orange and combine it with the milk powder and the green clay. Mix well and let the clay soak for about half an hour. Stir well and then apply the mask on the face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then use warm water to wash off. This mask will eliminate the dead cells and the toxins and will leave your skin glowing and healthy.

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