Lemon Juice and Flax Seeds – Excellent Digestive Remedy

Lemon juice with flax seeds is a famous remedy proposed by Dr. Oz and it’s recommended for those who have stomach or digestive disorders. Dr. Oz highlights the lemon’s impressive powers and benefits and how it can help people when it’s mixed with flax seeds.

Lemon Juice and Flaxseeds – Excellent Digestive Remedy

Lemon Juice and Flax Seeds – Recipe


– ¼ lemon

– 1 teaspoon of ground flax seeds

– 1 cup of boiling water


Squeeze the lemon juice in the cup of water. You can also use the lemon peel, but wash with apple cider vinegar beforehand and chop it. After that, add the ground flax seeds. Mix well and drink it immediately. Dr. OZ suggests that you drink this beverage in the morning, to boost the metabolism and stimulate digestion throughout the day. Those who suffer from irritable bowel can also try this remedy.


Lemon is acidic and for this reason it stings when it accidentally gets into your eyes. The citric acid will stimulate the liver and help it throughout the detoxification processes. In the ancient Indian medicine, the acidity in the lemons was used for antibacterial purposes. Moreover, the high vitamin C content can combat Helicobacter pylori bacterium that can cause ulcer.

Lemon juice can immediately ease the digestive symptoms such as heartburn, belching, flatulence or bloating. Lemon juice can also dissolve the excess uric acid that causes joint pains and inflammations.

Lemon is rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and vitamins E, B and A. Thus, it’s one of the healthiest fruits we can consume. In the morning, lemon water is a magnificent energy drink. Unlike coffee, lemon water will hydrate, oxygenate, refresh and revitalize the entire body. The most important benefit associated with lemon juice is that it maintains the body in an alkaline state. Even though in its natural state, lemon juice is acidic, after the metabolic processes, it becomes alkaline.

Vitamin C is one of the fastest and most efficient methods of stimulating immunity. As an antioxidant, it will also help with neutralizing the free radicals associated with aging, DNA cell damage and chronic diseases.

Flax seeds ease the stomach aches and reduce flatulence and the discomfort caused by constipation. Unlike the refined and processed foods that obstruct the digestive system, the fibers and mucilage in flax seeds will soften the stool and instantly stimulate its elimination from the colon. The diets rich in fibers have been associated with a reduced rate of colon cancer. The omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds will act as natural anti-inflammatory agents, reducing stomach aches caused by the irritable bowel syndrome and other inflammatory bowel diseases.

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