Hair Growth and Thickening – Maria Treben’s Miraculous Recipe

Every health condition has its own healing plant to offer relief and treatment. So, there is even a remedy for hair fall. Women who deal with hair loss or who have scanty hair can use this miraculous remedy that they can get directly from the nature.

Hair Growth and Thickening – Maria Treben’s Miraculous Recipe

Thistle Stops Hair Fall and Makes It Thicker

Maria Treben, the Austrian naturalist, tells in one of her herbal medicine books how she got rid of her hair fall problem. When she was 16, she went on a school vacation in Austria and a lady living in the area told her to use thistle for a beautiful and rich hair. The recommendation of the lady sounded like this:

“You see, there are a lost of thistles growing in the area. You take out their roots, boil them for a long time and after that, you can wash your hair with their juice. You will see the effect they have on your hair. Your hair won’t fall anymore.”

Said and done. After she took out 8 huge thistle roots, she boiled them in a large pot. The roots had a peculiar perfume: bitter-sweet. After she used the concentrated thistle solution every day, she noticed that her hair got thicker from day to day. Her hair had become so thick and rough that she could not even comb it properly. Maria cut her hair short to get rid of the problem, but this experience taught her that the thistle root makes the hair stronger and thicker.

Washing the Hair with Thistle Tea

It is, without any doubt, much simpler to buy 100 grams of thistle root than to take them out of the ground. However, if you won’t find this plant in the healthy food stores, you will definitely find it out in the nature.

To wash your hair, you must use 100 grams of dried roots. Let them soak in a bowl with 5 liters of cold water. Leave the overnight. Next day, boil the roots for 5 – 6 minutes, before washing the hair.

Use half of the solution to wash your hair. You can add your regular shampoo or a herbal shampoo. Use the other half to cleanse your hair. At the end, clear the hair with apple cider vinegar.

Maria Treben advises the women to wear gloves when washing their hair. Also, they must avoid using the solution on the face because there is the risk of hair growth in these areas, including on the chest, if the mixture is poured by mistake on that area.

Women are the only ones who can enjoy this remedy. Men who suffer from alopecia can also use this thistle remedy for hair growth.

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  1. Still available in Scotland .

  2. It is burdock root not milk thistle root that Maria Treben used on her hair and that she got the recommendation from the older women.

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