Ginger-Turmeric-Carrot Juice – Your Ideal Anti-Inflammation Home Remedy

Generally speaking, the greater majority of fruits and veggies contain a handful of harmful pesticides. Why? Because these substances are commonly used in the cultivation process. These artificial elements are supposed to keep bugs at bay, and control pests. While we may assume that the farmers’ intentions are not necessarily dishonorable, these pesticides can genuinely harm you and your family’s wellbeing.

ginger turmeric carrot juice

Toxic chemicals often lead to the appearance of health problems including neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, cancer and birth defects. Millions of Americans eat fruit and veggies infested with an array of toxic pesticides. As a matter of fact, in California alone, during 2000 and 2008, 7600 cases of pesticide poisoning were recorded.

Protect your family from the harmful effects of pesticides

We all know that eating fruits and veggies filled with chemicals is detrimental. So, it’s needless to say that you should, by all means, replace them with all-natural, organic products.

Organic food is free of harmful pesticides, being cultivated with the assistance of natural fertilizers. That means you can enjoy the beneficial properties of food, without involuntarily ingesting the toxic elements. According to scientists, organic food is rich in powerful antioxidants and provides optimal health benefits that are unparalleled. The bottom-line is this – eat more organic, fresh veggies and fruits and you’re on the right path!

Foods rich in antioxidants

Lemons are loaded with amazing antioxidants. In fact, lemons contain more antioxidants than vitamin E. Why are antioxidants so important for your health? They are compounds that protect your body’s cells from a range of diseases, including cancer.

Turmeric is loaded with antioxidants as well. It improves your immunity, and contains significant levels of anti-inflammatory agents, regulating the body’s cholesterol levels, diminishing the risks of stroke, and preventing the evolution of coronary artery disease.

At the same time, carrots, ginger root and apples consist of essential vitamins and compounds that our bodies require to function optimally.

Ginger, turmeric, and carrot juice – Recipe

This marvelous homemade remedy will enhance your vision, digestion and boost your immune system. It’s simple to prepare, and it acts as a health booster!


  • 1 red apple
  • 3-4 carrots
  • Ginger root
  • Turmeric root
  • ¼ unpeeled, organic lemon


The preparation process is a piece of cake. Simply juice or blend all the given ingredients and feel free to relish your health bomb – simple, fresh, healthy and reinvigorating! Drink it every day to take advantage of its benefits. Good luck!

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