Garlic Cleanses the Lungs and Purifies the Blood

Garlic has great therapeutic properties which have been known since early times. It is a true elixir of life that needs to be consumed every day in order to be healthy. Studies that were conducted these past few years showed that garlic stimulates the immune system and that it has impressive antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antitumor properties as well! So, it is a good thing if you are a daily consumer of this food since a daily dose can keep a lot of conditions away.

garlic use for lungs

Researchers believe that garlic’s prophylactic and therapeutic properties are due to its richness in organosulfur compounds, which act like an armor that protects your body against various types of diseases and disorders.

How does garlic clean your blood and lungs?

Garlic is a very important item to be added in every modern person’s daily life because it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has an important impact on the glucose concentration from your blood and it is also an efficient way to prevent cancer. Consumed regularly, garlic can lower your blood pressure and your triglycerides.

But there’s more to garlic’s properties! In one of his books, Mark Bosquet MD writes that garlic is a natural antiseptic, having incredible disinfectant effects especially for the lungs. It also has purifying effects on the blood.

Garlic is a great incentive for improving your blood flow. Although it lowers the blood pressure, people who are known to have a normal or a low blood pressure don’t have to be afraid. Garlic has actually more of a regulatory effect, being a medicine that is 100% natural without anything synthetic in its component. Even so, people who have a normal pressure have been known to experience certain discomforts, with their blood pressure suddenly dropping after the intake of garlic. This is why you have to record the stages of every treatment in a careful manner because every person’s body responds differently to any sort of medicine.

In order to take the best out of garlic’s therapeutic properties, it is best that you consume it while it’s fresh, even raw if you don’t mind its taste.

Things one needs to be careful about when considering a garlic treatment

Garlic is not recommended for people who have diabetes and take medical treatment for that condition because the medicine for diabetes is known to lower your blood sugar. It is also not recommended for people who suffer from acute rheumatoid arthritis because it can increase autoimmunity, and for patients who are getting prepared for an organ transplant.

Garlic shouldn’t be consumed before or even after any surgical interventions, labor or childbirth because it increases the risk of excessive bleeding. The same thing goes for pregnant women before they go into childbirth. For people suffering from a serious liver or kidney disease, one should be careful about the dose they take. Garlic has an antithrombotic action, which is why people who take anticoagulant medicine should be careful about the dosage.

Garlic is a very useful food to have around which keeps you healthy, but just as you can consider its good effects, you should also keep an open eye for the side effects if you are known to have certain conditions.

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  1. Yes …yes yes.. It also lowers blood pressure and a lot more.. Cut and rub on throat if have cold.. Don’t go out in cold right after.. And it is truly Russian penicillin…. Thanks for your post

  2. Got to eat more garlic love garlic

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