Top 10 Foods and Natural Remedies to Cleanse Your Arteries

If you plan to restore your general health and unclog your arteries, there are foods that can help you with that. Clogged arteries can lead to a heart attack, so they must be dealt with as soon as you discover the problem. Arteries get clogged due to the food you consume on a daily basis.


Cleansing your arteries can be done using these ingredients:

  • Garlic – due to its large amount of antioxidants, garlic has numerous health benefits and it is used in many home-made remedies. Garlic will help you by reducing fat in your arteries, and decreasing your blood pressure and blood flow. The best thing about this ingredient is the fact that it can easily be added to multiple dishes.

  • Pomegranate juice – researchers have demonstrated that pomegranate has more antioxidants as compared to apples and blueberries. Thus, it can fight against a possible heart attack and arterial damage.

  • Olive oil – it is best to consume it cold pressed and extra-virgin in order to keep its properties. You can easily add it to salads and different type of dishes, to improve the taste and flavor of your meals. In fact, olive oil is a monounsaturated fat and it has less chances of becoming saturated.

  • Avocado – rich in monounsaturated fats, avocado will not clog you arteries with plaque. Studies have shown that daily consume of avocado has improved blood cholesterol and increased the good cholesterol.

  • Broccoli – a vegetable full of Vitamin K, which prevents the calcification and possible hardening of the arteries. Vitamins and antioxidants found in broccoli prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidation, leading to a minor risk of getting a heart condition.

  • Chia seeds – rich in nutrients, proteins and fibers, chia seeds represent the best mini food you can eat on a daily basis. Including these little guys into your regular diet can lower your LDL cholesterol and improve the HDL cholesterol. It will also boost your energy during the entire day.

  • Coffee – studies have shown that the consumption of coffee on a daily basis can reduce the risk of getting a heart attack. Keep in mind that it should be some consumed in moderation. Exaggeration will lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Cranberries – these are other fruits rich in antioxidants that reduce the level of bad cholesterol and improve the level of good cholesterol. In fact, cranberry juice is highly recommended because it has a powerful effect on your heart health.

  • Orange juice – drinking 2 cups of natural orange juice (with no sugar added) on a daily basis can improve blood pressure and keep your arteries clean.

  • Spinach – rich in potassium, fiber and folate, it reduces blood pressure and keeps your arteries clear. You can easily toss a few leaves into the salad to enjoy its effect.

Also, you can make smoothies out of 2 apples and 3 carrots or one tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 of honey. Another recipe says you can mix a clove of garlic and a half cup of vinegar. These are distinct recipes, so each one should be made separately and consumed separately. They all prevent your arteries from getting clogged.

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    I just love all the food items. It is easy for a foodie to consume any type of food
    I am little bit doubtful about Chia seeds, Cran berries & Avocado

    I would love to see your next post related to chronic artery blockage. Check more details about cure of chronic artery block.

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  3. Siew Peng Chan

    Does garlic decrease flood flow as stated in the article, “Cleansing your arteries can be done with these ingredients”?
    Or have I misread?
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