6 Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are some of the healthiest foods in the world and they taste great too. They are widely consumed all over the planet and they are filled with vitamins and nutrients that must not miss from your diet. Moreover, taking into consideration their numerous benefits, these sweet yellow fruits might just be the secret for a healthy organism.

6 Health Benefits of Bananas

1. Provide Energy

No electrolyte gel, energy bar or sports drink can compete with bananas when it comes to boosting the energy. Just take into consideration that the first group of products is packed with colorants and unhealthy chemicals, whereas bananas are filled with vitamins and healthy nutrients. So, what would you choose? Moreover, there are numerous athletes eating bananas during or before a game, meaning that these fruits are quite famous for their energy-boosting properties.

The secret is that bananas contain potassium, soluble fiber and natural sugars that offer a great energy level before any physical activity. You don’t even have to worry that these fruits will increase your blood sugar level because they have a low glycemic index. You can consume bananas at work or at home in between meals to boost your energy level.

2. Potassium Sources

If you have taken potassium supplements until now, you can forget about them and eat bananas instead. These fruits are packed with this crucial mineral that regulates the blood pressure and maintains the heart health, preventing stroke. By eating bananas, you will also protect your bones and your kidneys, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Consume one or two bananas daily for noticeable health benefits.

3. Fight Ulcers

If you consume bananas regularly, you can protect your stomach against ulcers. These fruits contain compounds that for a powerful barrier against the harmful hydrochloric acid. The protease inhibitors in the bananas can also kill various bacteria in the stomach and protecting its normal functions.

4. Prevent and Treat Skin Conditions

The banana skin can also be used for medicinal purposes. Thus, they can be utilized externally for various skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. You can peel a banana and immediately use its skin to rub the affected areas. Do this before bed and let the pellicle cure over night and then gently wash it in the morning. Continue this treatment for a couple of weeks so as to notice the results. Banana skin has also been reported to treat warts.

5. Fight against Cancer

A recent animal study has shown that ripe bananas produce the tumor necrosis factor, a compound that can grow the white blood cell count and, at the same time, combat cancerous cells and enhance immunity. Take into consideration that this study has not yet been tested on humans. However, consuming fruits, including bananas, can decrease the risk of various cancers.

6. Promote Blood Health

Bananas contain vitamin B6 that is crucial in creating the hemoglobin. This vitamin is also beneficial in breaking down and synthesizing amino acids, producing antibodies and promoting a strong immune system and lowering the blood sugar levels. A single banana contains enough vitamin B6 for a whole day. So, you should start replacing vitamin pills with bananas.

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