Japanese Banana Diet – a Fast Way to Lose Weight

Nowadays, we find new diets at every step of our way. A friend is telling us about a new diet, we hear on TV about the miraculous diet that helps you lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks and the list goes on. But we don’t need a wonder diet to lose weight, we just need to implement an everyday habit. How? Read on to find out.

All you have to do to lose weight is eat one banana every morning. Does this sound weird? Maybe, but it’s definitely true and beneficial. Hitoshi Watanabe presented this diet in his book named “ The Morning Banana Diet”.

What could be simpler than eating only bananas in the morning and everything else you want for the rest of the day? Oh, and you mustn’t forget about drinking water, which must be at room temperature.


In the book, Hitoshi Watanabe presented the diets that he tried until he and his wife created a new diet in which the only thing you have to do is eat bananas for breakfast. The diet is perfect for the those who are not fans of going to the gym and work out. Bananas stimulate weight loss and contribute to the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Many people will ask themselves how many bananas do they have to eat. The answer is as many as you need to feel full. There is a Japanese rule named “80/20” that underlines the fact that the stomach functions well when it is 80% full.

To help you lose weight and stimulate your metabolism, you can also drink a glass of warm water in the morning. In order to keep a balanced diet, you should wait an hour after you drink the water and then eat a banana. If you’re still hungry, you can eat another banana after 20 minutes. You shouldn’t consume alcohol and milk and the last meal must be at 8 pm.

You may ask what differentiates this banana diet from the others.

  • It is a healthy way to keep a balance between what you eat and how you want to look or feel.
  • Bananas give you energy, potassium and fiber.
  • You can save money because they are not expensive.
  • If you take your breakfast daily, you won’t feel the need to eat between meals and you will have more energy.
  • Not drinking coffee at breakfast will help your appetite.
  • You won’t feel the need to drink alcohol.
  • A glass of warm water in the morning will improve your metabolism and promote weight loss.

As you can see, eating a banana in the morning can help you very much. It’s a simple habit that can help you lose weight and strengthens your body and energy. You can try this diet starting tomorrow morning and you won’t need any complicated recipe or a lot of time invested.

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