Banana and Milk Diet – Lose Weight in 4 Days

There are literally hundreds of diets out there. Some of them are efficient and they will help you lose weight immediately, while for others you might have to wait a few months to see the results. If you have tried a wide array of diets with no visible result, then it means you haven’t tried the banana and milk diet. As crazy as it seems, this diet is extremely efficient and easy to keep. Those who have tried it say that within 3 – 4 days they have already started to see the results.

Banana and Milk Diet – Lose Weight in 4 Days

How It Works

The diet involving banana and milk was tested in 1934 by Dr. George Harrop. He thought that in order for people to lose weight, they must consume less calories, but, at the same time, they have to stay healthy. That’s how this diet was born. During this diet, the person must consume one cup of milk (make sure it’s fat-free) and 2 – 3 bananas for every meal. You can consume them in which order you want and you can even blend them and prepare a delicious smoothie. Also, during this diet, don’t forget to drink lots of water.

This diet enables you to consume below 1000 calories per day and will help you eliminate the excess fat without losing the muscle mass. It does this at fast pace.

Effects and Benefits

A cup of milk contains maximum 80 calories and a banana has 100 calories. Therefore, if you consume them as a meal three times per day, your body will receive only 900 calories daily.

Benefits of Milk

Milk contains lots of proteins and will help you develop the body muscles. It is also free of fat and rich in calcium, being an essential product for everyone’s daily diet. Last, but not least, the calcium in milk is important for the retention and development of bone strength. It’s even useful for the proper functioning of the hormones.

Benefits of Bananas

Bananas are rich in fibers that will stimulate the bowel movement and help you eliminate the toxins and waste products. They are also incredibly nutritious and contain a wide array of minerals and vitamins. They are rich in potassium that will enable the body’s proper functioning. Finally, bananas offer a satiated feeling and will eliminate the hunger symptoms. These fruits are also tasty and it would be a pleasure to consume them.

Benefits of the Diet

When combined, milk and bananas come with a large variety of minerals, fibers, vitamins and proteins that will keep your body healthy. The greatest thing about this diet is that it doesn’t contain fat, therefore it will help you lose weight quickly. This diet includes enough nutrients to supply the body with energy for 3 days.


If you feel too week during this diet, you are allowed to eat one proper meal throughout the day. However, make sure that meal is not too fat. Women who are during their period, should not follow this diet because it lacks copper, zinc and iron, minerals that are very important during the menstrual cycle.

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  1. yes..i had that for a few really works..not because i wanted to diet, but due to medical reasons

  2. Hi Elmarie….could you please give me the diet on how much and when i would like 2 try it out thank you so much

  3. Hi , I find your diet very interessting , I will tray it fir sure , I.hope it’s gonna work for me ):

  4. This looks very “faddy” & unhealthy.

  5. Can or be soy or almond milk?

  6. Hi, can you please sent me this eaty drink. I can do with something like this, because I do eat wrong, because time for eating, there is none, to drink something healthy will be much better. Pleaae sent me

  7. Serina Chia

    hi, can I know does this diet require exercises?

  8. DAIRY products produce mucus in the body….MILK is not a necessity…..DRINK ALMOND MILK OR COCONUT MILK AS AN ALTERNATIVE.

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